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This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
hee hee! su! after the safari park, i wanted ta doos somethin' similar! so i gots this one! hope ya like its and it;s funny!
and YAY!! mandi's in its, whooo!! about time she got a story.
Thrown into a strange new world, will a normal girl be able to find her way home with the help of those she meets along her journey?

Original Story by Me, Draco. All characters are copyright to me.
After the Battle of Long Valley, the KH team reached the waning stage of their adventure.
Tee hee hee! Just a random idea I had, su!
P.S... Competition inside!
Oh well, my little girl just finished her first year of kindergarten, and she had a pretty rough year...Kids are fracking mean....So anyhoo, I wrote this for her, but also for anyone who loves anyone..(confession: I wish to hear it from someone as well as
The Matoran stories say Makuta was jealous of Mata Nui... But are the Matoran stories true? And did Takanuva really wake Mata Nui up deliberately, or was he just being an idiot?
Inspired by a comment on one of my other stories!
Just a baka poem............
The story of my original Balto wolf character Achak and how he grew up to be the wolf he is now.
Fire is added to the Name of Blaze, And for good reason. Here is the second and last part to 'Origin'
A wolf sets pawprint into my soul, but also exist within my imagination, my reality. Her name is Fire Blaze.
Hmm. Well, there aren't just 3 songs anymore, to say the least... You can sing along with them, if you want!
Read this, and then say the things yourself, really, it's funny! Thanks must go to my little bro who helped me out with this.
After stealing the Rose Orb, Brendan finds himself in quite a situation. Now he must save himself and his friends from Team Aqua. Who are they? and why exactly do they want this Orb?
Just suppose...just suppose that there was a final intervention that may have changed the destinies of the key bearers.
A Final Fantasy Crossover I wrote for my sister. Hope you enjoy it...
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.
okie... since i like Constantine, I decided to make a story out of it. Not sure if it's really good, but I'll try to make it at least interesting, since I'm a newbee... so hope u like ^ ^.. man, I was hoping for the Constantine category, b
Have you ever withdrawed into places inside yourself you are insecure of? and what is waiting for you? sorry, I suck at decriptions, mehe.
This is linked to the The Third Epic. After the battle with Kahn, Kenshin and his friends experience a new peace. That is until...
The Dark Empire begins to assemble their forces in great numbers. Their goal, to conquer the entire Anime Universe.
One shot songfic about Kikyo from Naraku's POV.
I never meant to make it this sad, I swear.