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Not everyone takes break ups well, not even the usually Happy-Go-Lucky Leo.

Hikaru and Kaoru explain the 5 steps Tamaki went through to buying a cake for the Host Club Christmas party at the last minute.
Based on a true story.
behold my poem of ultimate crappyness.
Read at your own risk.
I will start as a summary since everyone were eager to know how my story goes, then, I will start my true long story which entitled : "Secrets Untold"

Enjoy my whole Yugioh story summary ! ^^ tell me if you don't understand..:)
I love Meerkat Manor....and I love the Akatsuki......put them together and you got a mob of cute meerkats in Akatsuki Manor
Atem and Yugi are orphaned brothers, on the run from a madman. Tea has died and Atem has been moping for the past year. As he sinks further into depression, will he be able to help his brother defeat the madman?
(based on the book:"Eragon")
Yu-Gi-Oh/Matrix crossover. lol.
Atem and Tea get sucked into the world of the Matrix. =D

Dear comrades, this is my first English-language fic! Fanfiction about Rath’s bad day.
This is comedy.
Well, I got the idea from a pokemon song, kinda pathetic, but I'll promise it will be good, yaoi in the later chapters!^^ Please red, enjoy and comment!
This is a B day song Written for Hikari YugiYamiAtemu
Sung by Yugi and Yami.
sorry it's late, hope you like it
Follow up to Pharaoh's Curse!

Inspired by the book: Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver.

Will Atem and Tea be able to cope when they are stranded in the past, where people hunt for food and live in tribes or clans?
Atem, Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Marik, Bakura and Tea form a band. this is gigs, behind the scenes, fanmail and funnies!
XD!!!! Atem's unlucky days!
A Ranma½/Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover. Based on my fav. episode.Bakura realizes that women have it much easier and says hew ould want to be one, a mistake, before he knows of it he is confronted with his female side.
Rated: ED~ Exctermly Deep
I'm sorry friend But I'm not
doing that dare!
There's this boy,
he's speaical to me.
He's in my school.
I think he dosen't
know I care for him so
A very dramatic poem.
This kinda happened in real life.
This a better description of Teneka and it tells a part of her past.
(humor) the yugioh gang have been payed to stay in a haunted house for a couple of weeks and uncover the mystery of the mad scientist Dr Howler.
it is loosely based on 'Scary Movie' with some aspects from family guy, Scooby Doo and other cartoons in
It's just a storie about my OC.Kisame x OC, Neji x Gaara, Lee x TenTen, Sasuke x Naruto, Shino x Hinata, Chouji x Ino, Shikamaru x Temari.
Questions that could have great answers if you help! Q's about Atem and what he would do if he had his own body!!!!:)
Atem got his own body but at a price...
Atem has his own body and he's Yugi's brother.They still use the mind link though...Atem's sister Billie Joe is my OC,Atems POV