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this is my first ever spyro story
2nd 3/4 story! yay!
this one involves swimming and a bit of a slight tragdedy (cant spell) to numbuh 3!
There's a guy..Isn't there always? Anyways, I had nothing better to do and my fingers just kept on a typing. So, please comment, lemme know if there is anything I could fix.
Complete with the Dictionary of flabla. Some of the Rules of flabla will be added in later.
this one is kinda messed up..
Read the title..Its about me and josh
I started this story a while ago. preview it and give me ideas of where it should go and if i should even keep it going!
WARNING: Its really confusing so far...
I'm going to put in poems i write here!!!!!!!!!
weeeeeeeeeeeell the title says it all! I find these very interesting...
well these are random poems I did to express my's therapy...
ok well Cyclone isnt in this one but it has some interesting parts.
Cyclone is a horse....Lycan's in this YEY....I hate Jak.....I like serenity
Just emotions I let out...Hoping that someday when someone reads these they will understand...
Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. Though I wish I did. I also don't own the song, "I love you always forever", Donna Lewis does. SO PLEASE DON'T SUE ME!!! This is my first fanfic, it's a one-shot songfic... enjoy!!
i thought it would be funny.
My friends
Knuckles, and Rouge will play Truth or Dare!
Another Poem...
What happens when Lizzie McGuire meets the Fairly Odd Parents? Read and comment! It's my first fiction so be nice. No flames please
About living
Good to read for spirit lifting
Funny and crazy
um...they die?
math sux :P