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This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
Just a little RP Rei_Anul_sama and I have been working on with our OC’s…Explicit yaoi, so BE WARNED!!!
Anyway hope you enjoy XD…Go check Rei’s work out to *points evil finger of doom*
[ONESHOT] He again looked at her, and there, suddenly – for a few, precious moments – all of the hate had been drained from his face. And he was beautiful.
[The story of cheese]. This is a melodrama I wrote for the first of my two Theater Arts classes. This is the story of a man named Louis and his Dairy Products. Short and sweet, but kinda funny :P.
After the Battle of Long Valley, the KH team reached the waning stage of their adventure.
[ONESHOT]  Play-Based.    Doody has never been the forward kind, but when he asks Frenchy to the movies, he's determined to make things change ... at least he hopes to ...    Doody/Frenchy.
[ONESHOT][SONGFIC] "We'll be halfway to anywhere, where love is more than just your name ... "
Pheniox remembers a hidden life, he wishes to relive.
Its a poem about somthing that happened to me sux.
Dedicated To LieDetector16! She is so sweet! I hope you like it! LieDetector16 and i love to cry!
A Song i wrote... so if the words ar kinda wierd its beacause thats how you sing them with the beat! ^_^ Hope you like it! Especially LieDetector16
I've just been feeling a little messed up lately beacause of what someone said... And this is what came out of it... Read it, and tell me what you think.
Just suppose...just suppose that there was a final intervention that may have changed the destinies of the key bearers.
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.
This is a poem about the battle of mind and heart. It's kind of hard to understand. But i hope you like it!
Hey Everybody! If you like Tear and Haelo I suggest you read the story of how they came to be. I really hope you like it, but please read it. This is a Romance/Comedy/Drama story. YAYNESS I CANT BELIEVE I'M WRITING A STORY!!
The Longest poem so far....
I Hope you like it and please read it, I really want to share this feeling
okie... since i like Constantine, I decided to make a story out of it. Not sure if it's really good, but I'll try to make it at least interesting, since I'm a newbee... so hope u like ^ ^.. man, I was hoping for the Constantine category, b
Poem of what i feel and of what ive dreamt...
Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her
[ONESHOT] It's Saint White Day, and Winry asks for something sweet. But to Ed, a box of chocolates just isn't sweet enough ... EdxWinry, of course. Who else? I worship EdxWinry. YEA BABY. XDDD
This is linked to the The Third Epic. After the battle with Kahn, Kenshin and his friends experience a new peace. That is until...
Oh just a poem..*wink*
The Dark Empire begins to assemble their forces in great numbers. Their goal, to conquer the entire Anime Universe.
This is really deep. It's all true the disriptions are real. None of this is figurative i swear.