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Plushie Love The love of an Octopus And Squirrel brought together through plushies and friends 
An Experiment in Love 
the Planet of the Squirrels? random fic featuring a grumpy octopus  and a sassy squirrel 
cici and coco on a trip
This story can be found on my WattPad, VioletLambs. It is based on my OC Prie Paie.
This is about a character I made named Miss Chloe. I'm not gonna say much, just read! BTW this is a creepypasta, (if anyone knows what that is) and I can't really submit it now because the submission time is over, so I'm posting it here!
sort of semi long but short fanfic paring Hooded Claw And Penelope Pitstop Ant Hill Mob And Bully Bros only mentioned
This is about batman. If you do not like funny, yet stupid, stuff, DO NOT read this story.
What happens in the news room of 2 futuristic mobians? Questions, that's for sure.
This is just a story im working on of me as a delcatty and Ricky a houndoom, its loosely based on our life.
All my f.cs

but anyways,
This is about Marvel and Alli, I couldn't think of a different title, so I put the same one from an earlier version of this., uhm, yep.

All of my thoughts of life and pain.
​This fan fiction started of a story for my English at school, and the protagonist init was to represent Dante out of Devil May Cry. But In this I’m re-writing this story here for fun! V
Don't know if I'll continue 
Great work in progress, hope you like the characters and the story
this is a story of my oc zano and sega ofc? Nazo
Idk what to put this story in a category...Sorry -_-

London and Kenny were dragged by a mysterious creature that appear in a hole kenny saw and landed in a place called Haven City
random story based on some pics i did and a dream i had
A story on how Lenny and Aleen met and bonded.. ( first story so may include errors)
just a POV Hooded Claw short fic
Random Mildew X Daisy mayhem Laffalympics fic
Sproutpaw is the runt of his litter. How far will he go to prove he's not just a thorn in his Clan' sides? Join him as he trudges through hard times, involving breaking the warrior code far too many times.
Random Hooded Claw Penelope Pitstop fic Hooded Claw tries to reform while protecting Penelope Pitstop from the darkness
a backwards story short chapter added third chapter added