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Seto Kaiba is having trouble with some homework... who better to help him than the best tutor on campus, and roommate, Sebastian Michaelis (Warning: OOCness is almost absolute... I apologize)
hehe i dont own 07 ghost and i got board agian
My most popular fanfic from DA. A Sonic and the Black Knight fanstory with lots of my friends characters thrown in!
this was an English assignment....>_> we had to choose a character from the book, Catch-22, and place him/her in an event that happened in the war in Iraq. it was quite fun. (you'll really have to know the characters to understand what's going on)
Just another Big Cheese X Polly story

and a made up alternate afterwards

to the big comet fiasco^^
I'll be posting the manga pages once I make them, but this will be for profiles for anyone to read in the meantime. Also, this is where you can find more information on my Contest's related to The Black Death.
A vampire reflects on her values and lose of power, ulitmatly leading to her lose of life.
This story is about three boys who visit a bar......and get tortured by a black car after they leave.

Starring Sonic,Tails,and Knukles! And many more of your favorite characters as we go along in the story!

This is a story about an owl named Sora and the adventure hidden in his life's story!WARNING: a little sad.
How much do you know about The Black Pearl?
This story tells what you would have never expected.
The truth...
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4 yrs ago, Dimmsdale tragically lost 10-year-old Timmy Turner. Now, it's covered by a darkness that's killing magic. Resurrected, Timmy returns to save the city, the world, and maybe even discover the truth about his death....
This is just a poem written about black.
Poems dedicated to darkness, thought, and solemnity. The Darkness of Thy Heart.
Why is Remus allowed to call Tonks by her first name?
One day in the life of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks which will change them forever…
A very interesting and helpfull articel in the Daily Prophet...
A poem about black. Comments please and I take requests.
Testing out some possible story lines.
A brief review of my best friend Mike and I growing up. All the times we spent together; our victories and losses. His memory still burns in my mind even after so long. (Rated PG)
Akira and his brother, Kai, live with their drunk dad on a dry planet. Akira plans a runaway one night, and as always, Kai follows. They're sucked into Traverse Town and are separated. Akira discovers a hidden power he's had ever since he was born
a poem *blushes* um, just a poem
Probably my darkest poem.ITH AWTHOM!!!
um wrote this on june 2 2004
Even in death, someone can continue to help those important to them.
A novel I'm writing about Sirius Black and his fellow animagi when they were in Hogwarts in their fouth year. It's not anywhere near done but have fun with what I have typed out so far.