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Learning to love a demon isn't easy.
Orochimaru finds a way to heal his arms thanks to the help of a certain mysterious man. The devilish man makes a deal with Orochimaru: If Orochimaru kills a certain girl, he will become unstoppable.
Well, this is my Inuyasha fan-fic rewrite.

Hope you all enjoy.
this consists of my characters which later will unite with the characters of the real inuyasha but for now its just how my characters grow up
this is were all my songs for characters go
kagome sees ghosts my 2nd story plz comment
Drabble : Crossover : Modern life - she knew - would always bore her after her adventures in Sengoku Jidai, but she couldn't help but long for the supernatural.
A 4 War Gods one-shot. Ryora enrages Kyora and Jura tries to calm the firebird before he injures himself. Pairing: Ryora-Kyora and Kyora-Jura
What happens when your hopped up on sugar and your going to the club? Find out in BoA's Energetic.
My First written story/fanfic!! At least the first that has ever gotten past three sentences. XD hope ya like it! Enjoy!
I do not own, Inuyasha or any of the characters. Please review, if you don't I'll be beaten with a stick. I'd love to see what kind of fanart everyone can come up with for this story.
Another day, and another screw up between Inuyasha and Kagome...but this time, it might not be forgiven.
A mixture between different animes. And other things.
ok well basically these are all words i have used in my fanfiction stories if any of you folks are confused about what a japanese word is just look up the term in here and if it isnt in here ask me to post it and i will do so! ^_^ hope this helps!
Once again, Kagome is hurt by InuYasha's Love for Kikyo...But this time, she takes it to the extreme.
KagXInu MirxSan
my story WOOOO!!!!! dont like it? get over it... like it... awesome
So I won't have to keep all this crap on my pro. >:D If anyone wants to join, you're welcome to, and this also makes it easier for the writers of the groups' story.
2 worlds....1 girl connects them....born in 1,lives in the other....

read about Miroku's 1st crushed love,sheshomaru's fatal mistake,hinata's secret,and sasuke's perilous journey,saving his love....or does he??
ok....exactlly wat it says

its not plagerism bc of "u play/watch 2 much sonic if"i got permission..=P
Yu Yu Hakusho X InuYasha. Alex is a girl with only 1 special power. That power is to pass through the well at the Higurashi Shine. But what happens when Alex runs into Kagome on the other side of the well? And how did Yusuke and Kuwabara get here?
this is just my first inuyasha story and for a few stories will be kagome and inuyasha but afterwhile it will change.
lol I made this about 2yrs ago. I friken' suck..lolololol
You have always never been able to find a husband...what happens when inuyasha comes into your life.(you+inu)
Inuyahs and Kagome are 2 half demons but Kagome has the ability of the 4elements.
(read 2 find out wat happens plz.)
Rin Travels With Inuyasha,Get's Demon Powers,A Sword! Also She Turns 16! Hooks Up With Someone You Would Not Expect! And Now Sesshoumaru Gets Jealous And Wants Her Back! What More Could Happen!