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Early Years: Before now trae young net worth, here is his early life. On September 19, 1998, Young was born in Lubbock, Texas. The Youngs' kid Trae is the son of Rayford and Candice. He was raised in Norman, 
Sorry apparently the upload didn't work so this is fixed hopefully this is a wok in progress i will upload the full story if i get positive reply to this chapter and im open for suggestions.
When the group fineds a girl with no memory of WHAT she is, thay start questioning whether she is helping them or not.
Owl City: Ocean Eyes

About a lonely boy, a wild ambition, and the best listener in the world who cannot even hear.

A story inspired by Owl City: Ocean Eyes by Adam Young. Story by me, JustL.
I went to the kerrang tour on feb 4th this year, purely because I am in love with all time low (:
and I want to go into journalism or something similar... so I wrote this.... please tell me what you think (:
The Wudai Warriors find Jack half-dead near thew newest Shen-Gong-Wu, but when he comes to he can't remember what happened to him...along with a few other things. Violence in Chapter 1 only-- might switch from cartoon to comic and back.
A Beauty and the Beast remake into...Chack! Using the original Beauty and the Beast fairytale (not the movie).
Colt is a good kid.
His mom is dead and his father is in the slammer, so he takes care of his brother, Angie. But, one snow day when Colt has to be at work, a gang takes things too far and Angie and Kohl, Colt's boyfriend, get into major trouble.
Welcome to Mercedes' Academy for Gifted Girls. Here, majic isn't just a word, it's the curriculum.
not finshed
Jack is feeling sick. Chase is feeling playful. A newfangled remedy is discovered. (Chase/Jack)
And Jack's pretty darn sick of it, too. (Jack/Chase)
It was the final showdown. But why should he mourn? After all, the Chase Young he had known was already dead. (Guan/Chase)
There is a Legend that says; Who so ever finds the LAMP is only granted 1 wish.. but what if someone lied and you were ment to get 3 wishes instead of 1 wish? What if you didn`t have a choice in the matter? Would you even get 1 wish at all?
A story about Jak and Daxter as they go through time.