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I tried writing a song, it's my best try yet. c:
It's supposed to be about how Ryou Bakura (from Yu-Gi-Oh!) feels after his yami is killed, but you can read it without any familarity with the Yu-Gi-Oh! series (I think).
More sucky poetry!
I can't write good poetry, I know, but I like to try from time to time.
I wasn't aware back then and I honestly don't know if it's better now when I actually am aware.
Haven't been on here for A LONG time. .-.
This is a song. It's not about toasters.

The first verse and chorus is sung by someone, the other verse and chorus is sung by someone else, the third verse is sung by the first person and the last chorus is sung by both.
Critique is much appreciated!
I made my own lyrics to Fireflies by Owl City. They're about my friend who's not with us anymore.

You can find the original song on YouTube. :)

I love my little kitty, even though he's dead. Rest In Peace Yoshi.
I made a story I thought I'd upload here, but was too lazy to translate! D: So a big thanks to varg who translated it for me! :3
Comments makes me happy!
I was bored. I made this. Deal with it.
Yeah, I know Yiruma isn't a Pop Star (xD) but at least he's Korean! :D

This is my lyrics to Yiruma's piece "Kiss the Rain". Enjoy or something! x)
A sad text.
A sad poem. Leave comments!
A stoory I maade... (please tell me if I spell wrong)
A wierd poem about someone who is a sugar-dependent. XD
Are there snack cars? Anyway, it rhymes! ...Or does it?
A poem about the Simpsons family playing dart. Do you remember Barts evil twin? (actually, Bart was the evil one, but whatever)
My black cat Yoshi pasted away last fall, he drowned in a pool. This poem is in remembrance of him. You will always be in my heart, Yoshi.
A poem for my dear friend, Zelda. <3
New lyrics to the beginning of the song This Is Halloween in TNBC! Now it`s only about Jack when he`s being shot while flying Santa`s sled.
Made by me.
A ghost story I made as a homework in school. Not fan made.
UPDATE: Thank you guys for over 100 views! Please comment and say what you think about it, bad or good.
I felt to write a poem, so I did. Not fan made, just a short, wierd poem.