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I am now two lazy to even have three sentences written here <3



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My_Last_Resort on January 3, 2008, 6:19:36 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortDon’t feel bad bout not getting back to me for long periods of time. Sometimes life just sucks like that. And as for the picture… well.. I’ve been watching a bunch of Eureka 7 lately and am a total AnemoneXDominic fan. (Because Anemone is the (to put it bluntly) the craziest dog ever (which is a good thing) and Dominic is a ranking officer in the military and can beat up guys twice his size, yet he thought west was the same thing as left. So maybe a pic of that. Or maybe a yaoi pic… nah, lets stick with the Anemone X Dominic pic. Do you know much about Eureka 7? Hope you do- it’s a fun series.
And for the record, I don’t care if you feel you don’t deserve a story for your birthday, too bad I’m writing one regardless of what you have to say.

My birthday went well enough. It was kinda funny. A girl from my class gave me a present and she didn’t even know it was my birthday. I went out to eat with family (it was an all you can eat kind of thing, but still classy, and with massive amounts of meat) witch was pretty awesome cuz I’m carnivorous like that. I got a Naruto game for my PSP witch I am still playing now because it’s addicting like that. And could you please make a screen name for me? My internet kinda sucks right now and it’s hard to do stuff like that.
So you live in Canada? Cool. What’s the temp like up where you are? Does it go through all four seasons? I would guess it does. Maybe I’m just drastically wrong and have forgotten everything I learned in my 8th grade science class. Anyways… how did that art show thingy go? I hope you didn’t get harassed or anything by anyone. I hope you had fun there.
Minneapolis’ downtown isn’t huge, but it does have a mess of fun places. It has a major league baseball field, a place called the Target Center (probably owned my Target) where there have concerts and stuff at. (that’s where the Fall Out Boy concert was at) There’s a Borders and a Barnes and Noble and a bunch of other small places that are fun to hang out. So it’s not huge, but it’s not missing too much. And the fun part is, is that if they don’t have it downtown, then they have it at the mall (the Mall of America). The best part is, is that they built something called the Light Rail, I doubt you’ve heard of it, and it’s basically a train that’s electric. It goes back and forth between downtown and the mall and all the places in between. And I live pretty close to one of the stops so I can go downtown or to the mall whenever I want. Also, the school I go to is downtown so all my friends and I can walk there after school if we want to and then I can take the light rail home. Chicago on the other hand, is freakin’ massive. When I was there, we went to the top of the Sears’ Tower (one of the tallest buildings in the world) and you can look all around the city from there. And the city is just insanely huge. Its one of the three largest cities in America. Probably the second. New York is defiantly the biggest. Because New York is crazy like that.
I’m actually a pretty good driver. I have a good grip on just about everything. The main problem is not doing anything reckless. Sometimes, when I’m in a good mood and feeling a little too happy, I’ll do stupid stuff like make a turn without slowing down or I’ll make a turn really fast even if I don’t have the right of way and I feel the oncoming car isn’t getting there fast enough. That’s the main reason why my mom doesn't want me to get my license yet. I hope your dad was okay after that little mishap and hope you didn’t get in any trouble.

The math teacher we have now is cooler then the one we had before since she’s more lax about things, but she still has her doom-and-destruction streak. If you do something like take something of hers’ without permission, she will freak out and bite your head off. So you have to be careful of not doing thing like that. In my writing class, we do all sorts of different things and most of them are a lot of fun. We’ve done things like write character descriptions and create opening lines for various stories. It’s a lot of fun and the teacher really likes my stuff. It turns out that there’s actually only a little over 600 kids at my school. So I was around 400 kids off. That’s kinda bad. So far out work load isn’t really really bad. It can be sometimes, but I tend to be pretty good at getting it all done. The only classes I have to worry about regular work in are geometry, biology, and creative writing (but I don’t consider it homework). The other classes give homework off and on but it’s usually a little harder to do. we had a biology project a couple weeks ago that practically killed me. I had to do a research paper on Gregor Mendel and the whole thing was murder but I’m confidant I did really well. I’ll find out before too long.
Unfortunately, there is no way I’m going on that trip. It costs way to much. (it’s next year I think. But maybe they do it every year… I’m not sure.) The language classes also have a trip to their respective countries every other year. I think. I know the French and German classes do but I don’t know about the Spanish classes. I might be able to do on the trip to France next year. Maybe. If I’m lucky. You are waaaaaay better at languages then I am and I don’t want you to tell me otherwise. I would learn Japanese if I could but I cant cuz it’s tooooooo complicated for me.

I am reading the manga of Fullmetal actually. And I did take them forever to come out with 15, but it’s out now. I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, just glimpse at it. I read that the anime couldn’t wait for the next manga to come out when the manga was at the part where greed shows up so they started swinging it in their own direction. Greed has such a different kind of death in the manga and anime… in the anime he has a more emotional death and in the manga… well I wont tell you in case you haven’t read it yet. Both the anime and the manga are really good. Personally, I like Envy in the anime more then in the manga but he’s still one of my faves in the manga. He just doesn't have that insane streak of vindictive hatred and rage that he has in the anime. It’s one of the reasons why he’s so hot ^^ Envy happens to be second on my list. If you want to know what my list is, just ask me.

Where do you work? What do you do? I have a bunch of friends who work but I don’t yet. I might be getting a summer job but we’ll see how that turns out later.

Mr. Casey, the one teacher who hits on girls, isn’t so bad. It sounds worse when you don’t know him. I’m pretty sure he’s married. It did creep my friend out though. He’s defiantly not a pedo though. We go to a Catholic school that can be pretty strict. He wouldn’t do anything like that. He loves to make fun of this one friend of mine named Kumara Becker. She went to school together with this one kid named Peter Righam. They fight together all the time and Kumara does admit that he is the type of person she would go out with. A blond guy who’s a jerk. So their both in Casey’s class and they argue all the time around him so he makes fun of them, saying that they’re in love. He walked into my history class one time to get something from my teacher and while he was waiting he looked around the class and said, “Soooooo… Becker and Righam….” It was hilarious but almost everyone else had no idea what or who he was talking about.
My religion class isn’t so bad this year since I have some friends in my class I can goof around with. I’m glad I have my guy since the other religion teacher for this year is totally crazy and give the students a hell of a lot of homework. I am so glad I’m not in her class.

My Christmas beak is going well. I’m trying to get this one friend of mine to meet up with me so we can collaborate on this story we’re writing together. You’ll love it when we finish it. So far we only have bits and pieces written and around 2/3 of the script figured out. I wont tell you too much about it because I want to keep you in suspense. But I will tell you that Ed and Envy are the main characters, Roy is an angel and Greed is a demon. The problem is that it’s really hard to coordinate anything with him because he’s rather unreliable and had devoted his entire life to his girlfriend, meaning you can make major plans with him weeks in advance, check periodically to make sure it’s still on and if she calls and invites him to do something the day before, then he’ll ditch you for her in a instant. It’s really annoying and it’s starting to piss people off. Anywho…

Jacob did piss me off in Eclipse. At least when it was totally one sided. I wasn’t as pissed at him when Bella does realize that she would have had something with Jacob if Edward didn’t exist. But he does, so she won’t. I doubt I was as pissed as you but when Jacob kept making all his advances and making Bella pissed at him I just kinda put my palm over my face and said, “would you just give up already?” I started reading Gravitation but my library doesn't have the third one and neither do the book stores I like my so I’m kinda at a stand still with it. I cant give you any recommendations at the moment but I probably can recommend some bands to you next time I write. Remind me to.

If you want Jakotsu pics, then find BlackLadySango’s gallery on She’s got over 500 pics of him!!!! It’s completely amazing. I remember when I first saw Ranewater. I was at a Borders and I was just standing in the manga section, reading Zombie Powder and it got to the part when Ranewater’s playing the part of the scared hostage and then he goes crazy and kills people. Then he flings off his coat and he’s barely wearing anything. My eyes went completely wide I just froze and the only thing running through my head was pleasebemalepleasebemalepleacebemalepleasebemalepleasebemalepleasebemalepleasebemaleohmygodthisguyhadbetterbemalehehastobemale. I frantically flipped ahead and saw that C. T. Smith called him a he and I got really really really hyper and happy and pratically yelled “frack YES !!!!” for the entire store to hear. He’s third on my list ^^ And the writer form RE:Play is Cristy Lijewski. I’m pissed that the second volume still hasn’t come out yet but it will eventually.

And now on for rant time:
It’s true. Nobody knew any freaking algebra back then. At least no one outside of whatever centralized goverement that had at the time, and during time Inuyasha takes place, it happens to be none. What would Kikyo do with algebra? Maybe if she quick uses the height of the sun and the length of a trees shadow to calculate where the tree will fall so she can quick have some people run over, cut the tree down, tell her enemies to stand still and have the tree kill them. Yeah. That’s going to work. It’s gunna work reallllllly well. A friend and I had a conversation about what it means exactly to be intelligent and smart and the difference between them. Smart is just a measure of how much information you have in your head. Intelligence is how capable your mind is of taking things in and creating your own conclusions. It’s very close to a thing called logic. (which seems to be something many Kikyo haters are lacking…) It’s intelligence that allows you to win a chess game, solve a rubric’s cube or analyze a situation. There are plenty of kids in my class who know algebra. In fact, they all know algebra. That doesn’t mean they’re not a bunch of stereotypical self-absorbed morons who think if something stupid, it’s gay and that jail time makes you cool. Kikyo is smart and intelligent. She’s the closest thing they had back then to a doctor. She knew all about the art of medicine and she knew it damn well. That makes her smart. She could also look at a situation and analyze it. She came up with a plan to rid the world of Naraku and the Jewel at the same time by banishing him with it to hell. Everyone else’s plan was basically “let’s beat the shoot out of him till he dies.” How many times have they done that? A lot. How many times has it worked? None. And the, “she’s a freak” comment…. Let’s see here… so they said that Kikyo is a freak because of her spiritual powers? Well since Kagome actually holds most of Kikyo’s soul and has the same powers, isn’t she a freak too? If your going to rag on Kikyo for that then you better rag on both of them. And that just seems stupid. Who ever wrote all those needs a good punch in the face.
Something else is that Kikyo never lied to anybody. No villagers came up to her and asked her if she even died before, or if she ever pinned her lover to a tree with a sacred arrow after a tragic and cruel trap was set for them. And it would seem a bit stupid if she walked into a village and shouted, “I’m actually a dead body and I need to take in the souls of young women to sustain my life because my reincarnation holds the majority of my soul and someone named Naraku keeps trying to kill me!” Yeah. She might seem a bit stupid if she did that. But she didn’t. She just went around being herself. She helps the soldiers because she has a kind heart. And she plays with children because she has a kind heart. Yes, she did scare the hell out of that one girl when she saw her taking in souls and killing the monk. A few comments on that. The monk thought he was helping Kikyo with his actions but she didn’t think so and she couldn’t exactly sit there and take it. The monk himself didn’t say anything along the lines of “dog, you killed me!” No, instead, before he died, he told her she was truly tragic. Something along the lines of; “the living live for the future- to see each new day. but the dead cannot. They are frozen forever in time. And thus, the two cannot be together. And yet you insist on trying… how very tragic…” That sounds a bit closer to understanding then anything else. And Kikyo did feel extremely bad when she realized that the girl had seen her do those things.
Something I’ve noticed is that Kikyo haters are never happy with whatever she does. If she tries to get back together with Inuyasha, they’ll say she’s stuck in the past and rag on her for that, and if she moves on and tries to live peacefully in a small village, she gets ragged on for that. People need to make up their minds. But I suppose their problem is that they have a set disposition to despise Kikyo. It wont matter what she does, they’ll try to find a fault with it. I’m fine with someone who doesn't like Kikyo for a simple reason like “She’s serious almost constantly and I like more goofy characters.” And I’m fine with someone who likes InuKag because they think it’s funny and cute. And it’s true- Kikyo is extremely serious because that’s who she is. She’s serious about her life as a priestess and when it comes to love, she’s dead serious about it. And it’s true, Inuyasha and Kagome are hilarious a lot of the time. I wont argue with things like that. It’s when people come up with these crackpot reasons to hate a character. There’s a word for doing things like that. Propaganda. When you take something that’s true, and you exaggerate and twist the truth till it looks like something that just got put in a blender set to annihilate, and then spread it.
It still pisses me off how every character in Inu’s little group is on Kagome’s side about everything. When Inu and Kagome fight, Inu’s the one who has to go appologise because apparently, it’s never even slightly her fault. And because Inu’s told Kagome that he cares for her, he no longer has any rights to see Kikyo ever again. The funny part is that Kagome is more understanding of Kikyo then anyone else (‘cept Inu of course). She actually understands that he’s in love with her. Kagome tends to be a bit hypocritical. She knows Inu’s in love with Kikyo and that she can’t change that. She freaking said that to him! She told him he knows that he will never forget Kikyo but even so, she just wants to be with him. So she tells him that, and then the next time Kikyo shows up, she gets pissed at Inu for caring about her. K… think I’m done for now.

Have I ever heard of a manga with a yuri couple? I have but I don’t remember any names. I know wikipidia used to (maybe they still do) have a list of all the manga and anime that had yuri and yaoi couples in them. Did you know that Soi Fon from Bleach actually had a crush on Yoruichi? It’s true.

Hope this was soon enough for you! And belated HAPPY NEW YEARS! Please don’t get back before too long… please?

mushu262 on December 29, 2007, 6:30:20 AM

mushu262 on
mushu262Srecna Nova 2008. godina i Bozic! Uzivaj! Neka ti naredna godina bude lepsa i uspesnija od prethodne u svakom pogledu! Sta ima kod tebe? Dugo se nismo cule... ^^'

My_Last_Resort on December 25, 2007, 1:54:34 PM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortMERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! ...and that's about it.

unlucky6 on December 24, 2007, 6:25:55 AM

unlucky6 on

My_Last_Resort on October 18, 2007, 8:35:50 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortYou actually remembered my birthday?!?!?! OH WOW! Thank you soooooo much! You just made my day =^_^= My two best friends wern't at school today so pretty much no one knew it was my birthday. But it was still a good day. Thank you again for remembering ^^ When your birthday comes around I'll be sure to remember it! and I'll even write you a story if you'd like. and if i forget, I'll feel really bad and write you 2 stories whether you want me to or not!
And it would be amazing if you could draw something for me! I've been in a real AshXMisty mood lately (pokemon was the first anime i ever watched faithfully and the eariler epesodes are still fun to watch). Don't know exactly what I want the pic to look like yet... I'll get back to you on that!
And thank's once again! Please dont take too long in getting back to my last message. Me get's lonely when me doesn't hear from you...

Living_Dead_Girl on October 13, 2007, 11:12:36 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_Girlhehe... they got a new layout quite recently. I'm glad I've not accidently added anyone to ignored while trying to reply. O mai, you shouldn't comment every one >.> But I have that issue too. I try to comment every single pic. Luckly, the ones I comment don't put up a whole lot of pictures. hehe... I don't like my older pics, but I did come across a folder. A very old one. In it was stuffed some really old pictures like some of the first I drew that I never submitted. And I was thinking LOLZ these are cute! Horribly done, but cute nontheless. A lot of bad pictures tend to look cute for some reason. They just do. hehe... you did? I kinda like the old still life ones, but that's about it. I was thinking about deleating a lot of my old pictures so I could focus better on the now, but then the lovely luittle number that says I've got almost 400 pictures up would go down and I would be very sorry to see that. Actually, it was just her account that didn't work, so she's got a new one and Kd's art looks relaly nice! Her username is CrescentDragonDeity and she has a new picture up that's reeeally pretty! She works better with photoshop than I do and I've had it for a lot longer XD. hehe... well, I didn't get the picture from my dream just right. And I've had a lot of inspiration from my dreams. From my dreams I've gotten, really good ideas to add to my stories, like whole better plots and tramatizing past events and whole stories altogether. I think every single one of my stories has at least one thing that came from a dream. hehe... I didn't have many things to do there. XD they're already up and colored and the only thing I'm trying to color is a stupid doodle commic that I never finished coloring. But it's suuuch a paiiin!! I'm begining to wonder if it's ever going to be colored. I hate doodle commics. hehe... that's OK, I don't know a whole lot of states either XD. Indeed, that was some crazy coincidence. You reminded me of it and now I'm laughing again XDD! Not very many ppl die from it though. I have no idea why the bridge fell, I only knew about it cos of that strance coincidence that linked my dissapearence to it XD. No, white is bad. I hardly even use it to color something. Like my characters can't have very much white on them cos then it'll bug me XD. Even though white is a color too. I keep thinking of making another OC, but I shouldn't, so I'm waiting for someone to convince me not to. I want to make an OC OC. That stands for Over Compulsive Original Character. Isn't that funny?? It would be fun, but I don't have time for another character. When I say the pen bleeds, I mean that a normal ballpoint pen you can hold to the paper for however long you want and the ink doesn't spill out. But if you hold something like a sharpie to the paper, the ink will go plbbbbbb allll over the paper in a split second. And I'm used to taking a lot of time inking, so the lines would be really thick. But I'm thinking about getting an erasable pen so I don't have to ink at all cos it's already done. That would be great. If only I had an erasable pen XDD. I always use a ballpoint pen. XDD I agree, I have drawing them sideways! It takes forever! I can draw them from the back or front, but sideways is just too much >.>
Well, the first profile isn't done STILL. It's not my fault, all the pictures are done, but no one helps me. They say "Ohhh ou don't have to do all this work on your own" But then when I ask for help, I'm totally blown off. XD go figure. I have all the pictures done but one anyway. Just one. Cos I can't makea moving picture unless I have flash. Well, I can't find a free trial of flash ANYWHERE and I can't find it at Wal-Mart and I can't find anyone to put it together for me cos the pictures need to be in sint first and I need help with that too. So I've kind of run into a dead end. And tons of my friends can do all these things and they're never busy. It's just frustrating. hehe... that's OK, I've just recently played it, but it's deffidently a game you should look forward to playing, it's gota wonderful storyline and really eccenric characters! It's a lot of fun! ^^ The gameplay isn't as good at the first, but the storyline is a hundred times better. Actually, I only wrote part of the story, like about half of it And I'm not going to do a commic of it like I was planning to. I don't have the time and I have doubts if it would even be that funny. hehe... no I've not been working on my "Science experiment" organ body. I suppose I will when we remake that thread. Oh yes, we hav to remake it cos my account on Gaia was hacked. Kind of a long story, I always though you had to give out your pass or have an easy oass to get hacked, but I was wrong. See, one of my friends was hacked and the person on the account gave me a fake arena link and I clicked on it and they said it logged them out, so I thought nothing of it, but it was also the olf homepage. I always have mine in "Keep me logged in" ans you don't see the home page unless you're logging it, so I thought nothing of it. I just logged in as usual and it actually gave the info to someone else and it immediately changed my Email, so I couldn't get the pass. Seems like a low and violent way to hack account no? I lost a mill worth of stuff on there, but I relaly couldn't care less XD. hehe... I luff movies and stuff. Just cos they're idiodic doesn't mean no one can like them XD. Ohhh speaking of "Dude, Where's my Car?" I watched that for the first time ina year just the other day LOLZ! hehe... I have a whole bunch of names and words written down I could use for my language, but I'm gonna use some of them for middle names for the rest of my chcracters also. XDD I remember that! Jerk my head up XD! hehe... yah, I never even beat that DK64 game. I just couldn't get into a specific room. You had to have two special coins from Crankey to get in there, and we never beat the Mario one. In another DK game, I did beat the Mario one and I was soooo happy, but I eventually got sick of the game and I haven't played it for a long time and the 64 isn't even hooked up, but I got every single banana I could get except for the very last world. Basiclaly, I walked into the world, picked up some bananas, and turned the game off ever sense XD! I would be lovely to beat it for once. Yerp, thinking of old games makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ^^ When I was in MI, there was this relaly old game store that sold 64 games and Super Nintendo games. I was in there forever just looking at all the games, especially the NES games. I saw the first three Final Fantasy games and I also saw Super Mario RPG. That was like... the best game ever created in all of mankind. It was flipping expencive, but I would absolutely love to be able to play that game again... Do you know what game I'm talking about, if you've played it before? I luffed the music for Tetris Attack, I'm gonna have to look around to find a CD for that XD. And a CD for Diddy Kong's Quest. I really liked h music in that one too. I hate it when they change the music and sound effects when they change the game to GBA or whatever. They did that with a lot of them. Like Yoshi's Island. I wish they had kept the old stuff cos that was a classic game. hehe... I see the piccy, it reminds me a lot of claymates with the way it's done and he looks so cute! I like the balls of yarn looking stuff XD! What's Claymore? OIC, it's an anime. I haven't watched anime in almost a year, but my sister sent me Samurai 7 on DVD and it had all the episodes, so just yesterday I figured what the heck and watched most of them. I still have't gotten to the part where I left off, I had already sen most of the episodes, but I never got to finish it and it's been more than a year sinse I've given the anime a second thought. It's pretty good though and the characters are very interesting. ZOMG that sounds soooooo familiar! Both the name and the gameply. I wonder if I've played it before... The Rocky Rodent thing I mean. XDDDDD you named your ribbon and yelled it out in front of ppl LOLZZ that's syoooo funny! Wao, I can't move any of my toes individually... cept for the big one XD. *wiggle wiggle* Wait, the other oes moved too... XD a scary face huh? Well, I'm already scarred for life from that one scary poptart from a long time ago. Poptarts are so scary... they should amke a horror movie about them. They made a gorror movie about sheep. I thought it was a joke, but it's not. It's like... Beware the sheep and in the background, you hear a baaing from a hseep. It's hilarious! There's like these bloodthirstuy sheep shasing them and as if that wasn't enough, there's weresheep amongst them. You heard right. A weresheep. hehe... is it just me or is Holywood getting more desperate? hehe... but the bathroom is swept. Mine is anyway and I wonder if all the hair on my head would fit on the bathroom floor. I've got a lot of hair on my head... hehe... I skimmed through that last bit just before backspacing it and I read "Clumps of hair get up and walk on their own" XD I really did! I don't know where I got half of those words, but skimming things is fun. hehe.. I know the feeling, I get like that sometimes like when ppl are cleaning things and I try to have something over my nose, but it doesn't help much and I just think about how many of my poor braincells die every time I have to breathe. For one lucky enough to be born with braincells, you should treat them with care LOLZ! XDD beware the butterfly! I kind f like bugs. Just not thecreepy ones that could land on me, like I saw the spider right above my head on the bus and girls were screaming and I was sorry to have to move away, but that kid was gonna squish it and I didn't want it to land on my head. As much as I like spiders, I don't want them on my head. Ohhh that reminds me! A few weeks ago, a car blew up near out house. Actually it was a van and it was on fire and every single person near us was outside their door staring at it. It was pretty close, so it was scary, but eventually firemen came and out it our and stuff. O mai, they were going to amputate his legs?? hehe... crazy firefighters. They probably felt lonely cos they didn't have anywhere to go. Oh, that;s idd. When we get new teachers, they usually know what they're doing cos they want to impress the other teachers. Like Mrs. Davidson was her first year teaching last year and she had me and she was a very good teacher. O mai, teachers messing up isn't good, that cannot help later in life. Maybe she'll get better later in the year cos she'll feel more comfortable. In Chemistry, we havem't done any lebs yet cept for one. We were bending glass and I was usre that I was going to mess up horribly, but I actually did perfectly and most of the other kids messed up horribly. A nice change of pace ^^ hehe... yah, meth makes you think you have bugs in your skin and ppl will did into their skin, it sounds painful and disgusting. And Jay Leno made a joke about my town really!! He said "What do you call a nonpregnat girl in Sweetwater, Tennessee? Just visiting!" LOLZ that's funny cos like every girl here is pregnat! We have the highest teen pregnacy rate in almost the whole US and one of the highest drug rates. It's awful here! It looks like such a lovely town, but it isn't. That's why so many inncoent ppl live here. Just just didn't know the truth and now it's too late to move. O mai, that sounds like a really scary book. Yah, the whole concept of stupidity being the human race's fate really scares me, especially with this upcomming generation. hehe... I stay away from almost everyone in the school. I don't suppose I've ever mentioned my new Spanish Club? It's the club I alwasy wanted to join, but not relaly cos all the stupid sports kids would join for the field trip, but now they have it where only the Spanish 3 kids with an A or B and join or the Spanish 2 kids with an A. That means onmy smart ppl YAY! And I feel relaly comfortable being myself in my Spanish 3 class cos there aren't many ppl and they're all pretty smart... well... except for a couple. And it has my favorite teacher ever in it. So I'm crazy in there. Spanish 3 is one of the highlights of the day and it actually is the only place in school where I'll openly talk to anyone. hehe... I haven't updated any of my staries and I've decided to let them all go except for the main ones I'm gonna do. Yah, it's fun to reply to your messages ^^ Even though it takes forever and several other of my friends are waiting impatiantly. LOLZ it's a good thing I don't eat many sandwishes. Ad what I meant wa, I'll write something like "dog" and it'll come out "god" and it's actually pretty funny. "My god threw up on the floor." "Someone ran over my god and he's dead!" "I'm gonna pet my god, his fur is so soft!" XDD yah, that guy in the bg was pretty fuhny! I'll kill her... and you too. Or something like that. I should go look for it and save it really quick. hehe... see you later!

Living_Dead_Girl on October 1, 2007, 10:48:03 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlOhh you're welcome ^^ I always give that kind of advice. But it's hard to find someone to appeciate it, so your appreciation is appreciated XDDD!

My_Last_Resort on September 5, 2007, 10:55:16 AM

My_Last_Resort on
My_Last_ResortEllo again! Beleive it or not, me actualy dosen't have AIM or anything, since me just never actualy bothered to get it. Don't have msn either, but me is sure me could get it pretty easily. And if for some reason if me can't, then you could make a screen name for me. Out of curiosity, where do you live? I know you dont like in the states (it feels weird to call them that) Me wonders how different our time zones are... Like if it's four over here, is it midnight where you are?

And yes, Chicago is frickin huge… all the buildings are massive. Me lives in Minneapolis and our downtown isn’t all that huge. You can walk straight through it in less then an hour but with Chicago, you could start at one side of the downtown keep walking in a straight line for three hours and still not get out. But even though my city’s downtown isn’t massive like Chicago or NY, but me thinks it’s a good size. It’s not so small that it’s boring and it’s not so big that you can never find anything. ^^ Another asset of my city is it’s mall. It’s the Mall of America and it’s the largest mall in America! Course that’d be kinda sad if it had a dramatic name like that and then ended up being a secondhand bookstore and an Arbby’s…. But yes, it’ totally massive- one of the largest in the world. If you want some info on it just go to Wikipedia and type in mall of America. It’s got like 520+ stores in it and a movie theatre and a theme park… not like me’s bragging or anything though…
As for my little temporary job, it was nothing too much. Just had to do standard stuff to clean up the school for next year like wash windows, scrub walls, vacuum, clean wastebaskets, things like that. Do that for a week and then you get a $2000 tuition cut ^^ Seems worth it to me.
You guys have a much different system then we do. But me has no idea what me means by “you guys” since me don’t know where you live. If there’s a level one road test to get your G2, then are there more road tests after that? Like can you get a G27 and be able to legally go 120mph wherever you want and go off jumps and stuff? Me knows you cant, but it would be fun if you could ^^

My math teach yelled at me when me tried reading in class… But now it’s a new year and it’s a bit different. It’s not bad different just a little switched around. My math this time is better then it was last year. Last year the teach wasn’t that good but we got away with a lot in class but every single day we had to have a 5-10 minute speech about our behavior. It got old after… well, right away. But with the one me has now, you can go and lie down of the floor if you feel like it as long as your paying attention. Me has a creative writing class that is totally awesome! The teacher is really cool and me is taking the class with a bunch of my friends ^^ and two of my best friends are both juniors so this is the only class me actually gets to have with them =^_^=
As for how big my school is… well all four grades add up to somewhere around 1000 kids… me thinks… How small is your school? Me wont guess in case me ends up being horrible wrong. Have you started the school year yet?

You want to know how to get the compy to stop changing your words? Me takes it you have Microsoft Word, cuz if you don’t, then the following is pointless: All right… where to start… Okay, first type a word wrong not totally wrong but just something like “alwas” Then right click on it and go to AutoCorrect and then on AutoCorrect Options. A box should pop up with a tab saying AutoCorrect. There should be a little box with a scroll on the side that has a bunch of different misspellings and the word that they will automatically change them. Just go through it and take out the words you don’t want to be changed. Might take a while though… and if it’s too much of a bother, you can uncheck the box marked replace text as you type. And none of this is making any sense… then we’re obviously working on different programs. Hope it does work though!

We did talk about this before! We talked about how being lost is an adventure! Me is sure that if you went through all our past comments you’d find it somewhere…. Maybe.
Japan would be so freaking amazing to go to! Because Japan is just too cool. You guys have a trip to South America? Cool. My school has a trip to Africa every other year. And yes, so many people forget that there’s a whole world other then Mexico south of the border. It might (it will) take me a while to get that good at French… me just doesn’t have the same gift for languages that you and my mom have. If enough people wanted to take it, then my school could teach Japanese too. Me would absolutely love to learn Japanese but it’s just so complicated… Japanese and Russian are both way different than the European languages.

Me actually owns the FMA movie ^^ my friends and me have watched it like three times together. My friend Emma gets really disturbed by the scene with Gluttony in it… also because Wrath has such a gory death. So every time that scene comes on she has to hide or leave the room… me can stomach a lot more then she can so it doesn’t bother me much, but me agrees, he is damn ugly. Me only has two complaints about the movie. 1. We don’t get to see Envy be sexy TT_TT 2. Hughes is a Nazi!!!! That’s not suposto happen! But he makes up for it in the end when he shots Eckheart. Me remembers a while back when me didn’t know that there was a FMA movie that concluded the series and then me say a commercial for a showing of it in some theatres and me got really excited! Never did get to see it in the full movie form, but this ways better since me can watch it whenever me wants.

Oh, me defiantly knows that me won’t be able to do everything at the very last second later on. Me finished many of my projects (huge fricken ones that are worth like 2 test scores) on the day they were due last year 0.o Me is going to try not to keep doing that. Don’t worry about me though, me has learned to function on little sleep. As long as me gets about 5 hours of sleep a night, then me will be fine. That way, even though me has to get up a 6:30 each morning for school, me can stay up till 1:30 watching anime and surfing the web.
Yeah, Katharine knew who she meant. It’d be tough to have a mom like that teach at your school… most teens don’t want to be seen in public with their parents anyways, much less have them dance and prance and talk about curves right in front of all your friends. Me would rather have a teacher like her though, she could make things interesting. My religion teacher is the same one me has last year… the one who is really boring. Me went to a catholic school and me has been studying the stuff we’re learning for years on end so for me it’s just endless repetition… but unlike last year, where we spent half the year in religion and half in gym, now we have religion for the WHOLE DAMN YEAR! But on to slightly more interesting people, me thinks the guy who hit on my friend is either late 30s or somewhere in the 40s. It can be heard to tell with some people. This year, when we had the trip to Kenya (that’s the place in Africa they went too, hope me spelled it right) we were all joking about how Mr. Casey (that’s his name) was going to be in Kenya checking out local girls. And no, never even heard of Just for Laughs Gags… but me can guess what it’s about.

Well this is new… this is the first time me has actually finished one of Twilight books before you did. So now me can yell at you to finish Eclipse ^^ but me wont. You might have finished it by the time you read this comment, but just in case you haven’t finis- Jacob dies! Carlisle dies! Rosalie dies! Sam dies! … …. …… ……. Please don’t believe me… don’t worry, none of them die. Me wouldn’t say anything to ruin the book for you. But if you haven’t read it already, do so quickly! Like the other two, it’s frickin’ amazing. Oh, and me thought of another JacobXEdward icon ^^ If then make a twilight movie, find a picture of Jake smirking or looking really happy, and find a picture of Edward looking off to the side, embarrassed or looking really flustered and have the icon say, “Jacob is mentally having sex with Edward.” Me likes it ^^ And yes, me has many cute icons with Jakotsu and Bankotsu in them. Me also has a lot of icons with Jakotsu and Bankotsu and are much more sexual ^^ …is that a good thing?

What Cobra Starship songs did you get? It would be fun to see a band fight each other with their instruments while playing! Me does like Reliant K and me will try to check out Kiros and Jimmy Eat World. Someone me knows thought it was Jimmy Eats Worms XD A friend of mine had that CD but something happened to it… so me will have to jack it off one of their computers with a flash drive. They told me that it was way different then their last CD but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

It’s good to hear you like the pic so much! Anything involving Jakotsu is just too sexy ^^ if me comes across any more amazing dark yaoi pics, me will give you a link. You should do the same! Me will make sure that you’re the first one me tells when me finally finishes mah BanJak thingy. It’s an angsty sadomasochistic smut one-shot. Why? Because angsty sadomasochistic gay sex is just too cool. Especially with Jakotsu ^^ he can make anything amazingly sexy. You know, with Jakotsu, he’d probably find a way to make a kinky sex toy out of a toy train… Oh, and before me forgets, there is another super amazing androgynous cross-dressing sadist other then Jakotsu and Envy ^^ His names Ranewater Calder and he’s from Zombie Powder. It’s an unfinished series but the same guy who writes Bleach. Ranewater’s amazingly sadistic and hot ^^ Ohm and also, there’s a new manga you need to take a look at! It’s called Re:play and it’s all about pretty people in punk bands and vampires. It’s a lot of fun and it also has a pretty cross-dresser in it ^^ Me is mad at myself for not realizing that one of the characters wasn’t female, but a very pretty male cross-dresser…. In case you haven’t noticed by now, me kinda has a thing for pretty cross-dressers…

And now… RANT TIME! That sounds like a segment on a messed up news show. But anyways… Yes, Shippo is so unfair and everyone misinterprets what Inu wants. One of the reasons why so many more people root for Kagome is because she got there first. Kagome is introduced way before Kikyo is. At the beginning of the story, all we know is that Kikyo is a priestess who sealed Inu to the tree and that Inu apparently doesn’t like her. And for the first twenty or so episodes, people see Kagome and InuYasha together for the whole damn time and a couple of somewhat sweet moment between them and by the time we actually learn about InuYasha and Kikyo’s past relationship, so many people had already jumped on the fandom wagon for InuKag. Another thing that me has mentioned before is that InuKag is funny. With Kikyo and InuYasha, there isn’t any humor, it’s serious, complicated, deep and easily misunderstood. With InuYasha and Kagome, it’s funny, fluffy and what you see is what you get. The only time InuKag gets serious is when someone’s about to die. With InuKik, it gets serious if Kikyo is anywhere within a 200 yard radius of InuYasha. And since me is in a mood to rant about this (hope you don’t mind), me is actually on the Kikyo Haters sight looking at some of the reasons why they hate Kikyo. Let’s see here… “She kept trying to drag Inu Yasha down into hell with her, when all he wanted to do was avenge her death. And even after she gave up on trying to drag him down to hell for a bit, she still talks about how when Naraku is gone.... They will be together in hell.” That’s exactly what it says on the site. Umm… correct me if me is wrong, but did Inu and Kikyo tell each other that their lives belonged to one another? And also didn’t Inu kinda announce to the world that if Kikyo wanted him too, he would leap into hell with her? Me is pretty sure he said something along those lines… It’s hard to read this list without getting pissed at the people who wrote it… especially since me has a retort for every point they make. Here’s another: Kikyo was going to use the Shikon no Tama for selfish reasons, to turn Inuyasha into a human. Kikyo was tired of guarding the jewel and by using it on Inuyasha, she would have nothing left to guard. She wanted to live a normal life; to hell with her duty. That's how life WAS back then (and still is in some parts of the world). People are born into certain professions/jobs. The only way to escape it would be to run away. But Kikyo had a CHOICE. Perhaps Inuyasha wanted to become human to be with her, but the fact remains that Kikyo was given the Shikon no Tama to PROTECT it. Not to use it in any way she wanted!

….Yeah… lets see here… since when is making it so you and the person you love can spend the rest of your lives together selfish? It’s actually kinda like Twilight- Bella’s human and Edward’s a vampire who never ages. Unless Bella becomes a vampire too, she’ll keep aging and eventually die while Edward would be forced to what her grow old, frail and then die, after which he would undoubtedly kill himself. If Inu didn’t become human, Kikyo would continue to age along while Inu would barely age at all. Also, it’s not selfish to want to get rid of the jewel for good. The reason she was given the jewel was because she could purify it and protect it from evil demons. The only reason the demon slayers who found it didn’t destroy it is because they couldn’t. and if they did, then it would just be broken up into smaller parts that would cause all sorts of bad shoot to go down. If she went to the demon slayers who entrusted her to protect the jewel and asked them if she could make it so the jewel would cease to exist they wouldn’t have any objections. It’s not like they can use. If Kikyo could have made Inu human and gotten rid of the jewel for good, then no demons (including Naraku) could have used it for evil. Sango’s village never would have been destroyed, Shippo’s father never would have been killed (he was killed by the Thunder Brothers and they had jewel shards), and Miroku probably wouldn’t have the wind tunnel. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Also, if they’re saying that people back then should just sit back and except the place they have in life, then would that mean that Inuyasha should also accept the fact that he’s a half demon who can’t find a home among humans or demons? Inu wanted the jewel to become a full demon in the first place. Isn’t that wanting to change your lot in life? Yes, Kikyo was given the jewel to protect it. Protect it so no evil demons could get it- not so the slayers could use it later. And if it were to cease to exist, then no demons could get a hold of it. Problem solved. One more thing about Inu being plutonic is that he tends to gravitate to whoever he’s physically closest to. He’s always going to be in love with Kikyo, but if he’s with Kagome, his feelings for her eclipse that. But if Kikyo happens to be anywhere nearby, he forgets about Kagome and focuses on Kikyo. Hell, if Kikyo was about to die and he was the only one who could save her, he’d push Kagome down some stairs to get to Kikyo. If you put the three of them in the same room alone, it would be horribly awkward, but Inu would probably gravitate to Kikyo (especially in the first 5 seasons). It would be fun to tell people that me is majoring in InuKik and them watch them get confused. That or the person me is talking too would get all excited because that was their major too. That would be fun. That was a really long rant this time.

It’s always nice to hear that you’re missed =^_^= And it’s also very nice to hear how much someone loves your writing. Lets see here… you got me interested in the idea of gay wolf sex, and me has gotten you into gay werewolf/vampire sex, gay sadomasochistic sex and HakuXZabuza (which would probably fall under gay pedophilia sex but it sounds way wrong when you word it that way…) so it looks like the score’s three to one.

~Until next time! Which is hopefully soon…

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mushu262Zdravo, zdravo! Nismo se dugo cule! Kako si?
Opet sam bila na kampu u prirodi(ovaj put na Tamishu, blizu Pancheva) te sam se skroz bila odvikla od pisanja i mailovanja na kompu!
Ovde je jos uvek jako vruce... Samo sto sam se vratila iz skole, prvo sam bila na treningu a posle sam isla da se upisem. Nedostajace mi raspust,mada mislim da sam ga dobro iskoristila, a ti?
Cak sam i pocela da malo sama ucim grcki! Zanimljivo, ali tesko!
Da li se ti radujes skoli? Neki moji prijatelji, verovala ili ne-da. Meni ce nedostajati sloboda raspusta...
Sta jos ima novo kod tebe?
Cujemo se!

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Living_Dead_GirlDid that last comment get sent? If not, tell me ^^'



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