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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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This is a poem I made about my character Migoto in The Land Of Houshu,
its about her relationship with Hotto (another character lol)
i dont really know where this came from, i was just bored one day and decided to write ...wehay !! Theres a little bit of language in this...but not read it and enjoy it !! ya-zoo !!!
Title says all. I was super pissed at a friend when i wrote this. So i don't know about the quality in this, but i was in a blind rage remember?
Somethin i wrote in class, for a problem and solution story thing. I personaly like it. Me and my sidekick have our little inside jokes thrown here and there though, enjoy.
just a little poem i made dedicated to my friends and family!
My Midori poem! She's my own character (from my fic Son of a Lord)
Just a cool little Sesshy poem i wrote cause i luvs him! lol my peeps say its pretty good so please read and tell me whatcha think lol Thanx!
A military commander James Sinclair, admist a world slowly spiralling out of control. PG-13.
A story involving a world of various furry races, such as moogles, foxes, and so on. Unfinished; any ideas would be most appreciated. PG, some violence.
A lone, ronin samurai, Ken Kitsune follows a stranger in a black cape who could be Kitsune's long lost twin brother.