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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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A shopping mall boutique is taken over by aliens who abduct customers. (Characters very loosely drawn on Jill and Alexis from Resident Evil.
This short story revolves around a young girl's fascination towards a mime. Although this mime seems merry and pleasant, there's always something hidden behind the mask..
NOTE: Unfinished, will have sexual content later.
A short, sidestory for the actual novel of mine.
[WIP] Right & Wrong. We all like to think we know the difference, but when that line is blurred and your world isn't the same as it was yesterday, what beliefs would you forfeit, to protect all you thought you could never have? [Brad & Trixie]
This is a unique circus: it deals with horror, sacrifices, S&M, insanity, sex, even Death and many bizarre things beyond your mind. This is a tale of how a young, mortal girl entwines with the circus and secretive circus-member by mere bad luck.
[Complete] One had the picture perfect family, the other barely knew what it meant. One was a model student, the other struggled to learn to read. One was kind, the other sweet, but together one would find his obsession and the other his rage.
A funny Despafic by my friend and I. The idea came from a silly thought of if the boys visited the Finnish amusement park Linnanmäki. Note that Mukuro is me and Banana-sama is my friend and that the shounen-ai content in this fic is very mild.
Fandom: Utena
Pairing: Juri x Shiori
Song: The Rasmus - Guilty
Rating: 13+ (Femmeslash)

I love this song, because it describes the relation of Juri x Shiori best.
Nami x Vivi One-shot. Contains WAFF and Shoujo-ai. Rated: PG-13+

Need to collect ideas :P
[WIP] Her mission, from the beginning, had always been clear, but now towards the end, where lines are blurred and dreams are faded, she must overcome an obstacle she could have never foreseen. [Tenten and Shino - Neji and Tenten]
Nami x Vivi. Oneshot, Songfic. The day before both of them have to gotheir own way. so I thought the Song "Listen to the rain" byEvanescence would fit into this :)
I wrote it in Vivi's view... and I hope the words fits to her character. and... well...
Nami x Vivi a kind of teaser to my german fanfiction Desert Children. I will do an english version of it.Nami left the mugiwaracrew and lives together with Vivi in Arbana....
[One Shot] Danny never realized until now that his heart stopped beating whenever he turned ghost. . . but he was glad that it did. This was written to go with a picture I drew at deviantart, but it slowly turned into fanfic. [Danny & Valerie]
[OneShot] “When the time came to fight and she's standing on the other side, would you be able to strike her down after all you've shared?” No longer a boy, a man must now answer the question that before he could not. [Sequel to That Gryffindor Girl]
[One Shot] Warrington warns Montague about the dangers of loving a certain Gryffindor Girl.
[One Shot] He thought she knew. . .
[One Shot] Shh. . .
Raven and Starfire
Shoujo-ai and dogyness included
Blackfire x Jinx... Slight Shoujo-ai
a poem of Raven - dedicated to starfire... shoujo ai
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.