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This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
After the Battle of Long Valley, the KH team reached the waning stage of their adventure.
Anntoinette(age 12),Rygine(age 12),Rosilina(age 12),Luffy(age 13),David(Age 13),Nami(age 15)
and more,embark on a beutiful romance that only god knows that will happen
JeJe is a red eyed orange haired tophatter vampire/disclonious.She lost her parents in a war and is now shunned from her society,go thru life and death situations,friends turn against each other(and yosh!this story had luffy nd' sanji nd' nami!)
Go bak into a small forest to find a small town known as Ysseediea
Sagerus,a young wolf and her teacher Sytherzess,are very close
Her mother, Genilage,his been found at a human's house,dying
Sagerus nos that this is a dangerous juorney,to go alone into a human's world.Shes never seen one alive....only dead on her plate
As she goes on the long jerny....shye meets a boy...whom is neither a wolf,,,,nor human......but a Yapassydya
Yapassydyas are people who can grabs the souls of people and animals....and turn himslef into that person or animal
His name, Shzokolinge.
Sagerus and him now go on this jerny alone.
now starts a five year trip to find her mother,dead or alive
Fandom: Utena
Pairing: Juri x Shiori
Song: The Rasmus - Guilty
Rating: 13+ (Femmeslash)

I love this song, because it describes the relation of Juri x Shiori best.
[Republic Commando, post Hard Contact] The clone commandos contemplates the simple things as Omega Squad prepares for their next mission onboard a luxury liner.
Nami x Vivi One-shot. Contains WAFF and Shoujo-ai. Rated: PG-13+

Need to collect ideas :P
Nami x Vivi. Oneshot, Songfic. The day before both of them have to gotheir own way. so I thought the Song "Listen to the rain" byEvanescence would fit into this :)
I wrote it in Vivi's view... and I hope the words fits to her character. and... well...
Nami x Vivi a kind of teaser to my german fanfiction Desert Children. I will do an english version of it.Nami left the mugiwaracrew and lives together with Vivi in Arbana....
Raven and Starfire
Shoujo-ai and dogyness included
Blackfire x Jinx... Slight Shoujo-ai
a poem of Raven - dedicated to starfire... shoujo ai
Miss J's Wonderland is a really strange story I came up with all of a sudden... Don't take it too serious!
It's about Miss J's adventures inside her magic wardrobe!
Just suppose...just suppose that there was a final intervention that may have changed the destinies of the key bearers.
A story about how I joined the Demon Of the Dark Fall Clan and my battles!!

It's an injoke so dont try to understand it!!!! XDDD
This is linked to the The Third Epic. After the battle with Kahn, Kenshin and his friends experience a new peace. That is until...
The Dark Empire begins to assemble their forces in great numbers. Their goal, to conquer the entire Anime Universe.