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this is a thing i wrote yesterday,its up on my DAaccount, and im not really doing anything here on fanart,but im rally like how it turned out,wanted to share with you guys!if you want to see more of my works then visit:
After the death of Organisation 13, a new dark power emerges.
The Order of Darkness have appeared from the depths and are now bringing chaos to the worlds. Will Sora and the others overcome this new threat?
I occasionally come up with little bits of literature that fit into my stories, but I have no idea how to incorporate them or the necessity is already filled.
never forget
This is some dark poetry i have been writing lately hope ya like it

ps: if you have any ideas tell me
nothing to say
Each post is a different way to be evil. If you have a suggestion, just PM me and I'll post it up and give you credit.

Oh come on, SOMEBODY had to do it.
Felix Lend is an exceptionally gifted student with a mysterioius background. Listen to Felix tell his story.

(I probably won't finish it. I never really played Star Fox.)
what the title says! btw, i know about these things because i have had experience!
this story is about: (i did not draw this picture, give credit to the artist please!) but that is what my story is about! (i started to write the story before i found the picture)
This is an IshiHime story. If you dont like the couple, turn away.
PS: i have a tight schedule at school and home, time taken to put up chapters may be very wide spread -Kristin
Sorry eLampe, couldn't resist.

eLampe is lazy and all the teachers love him. Why? He's the butt end of pretty much all the jokes. If I remember any, I'm posting them here.

Hi! I'm Lumi!
I'm starting this blog because the events that occur in my daily life are too hilarious to keep to myself.
I'll be using pictures from to describe the scenes to you, but it'll be coupled with my diary entries.
This is all I have. I'd really appreciate suggestions on what to do next.
This is a guide to my characters that I use often!
I have a few, so this is a good way to keep track!
Making it up as I go along, excuse me if it's crap.
...yes another poem lol 8P
this is a remake of Breaking Spells ~

Wrote this January 12 09 durin a review 4 the Biology Exam @ school Took me about 5 min 2 write I put a couple of my friends n it & just so u dont get confused THE STORY ISNT SUPPOSED 2 MAKE SENSE I WROTE IT USING EXAGGERATION KRISTIN IS ME
i wrote poems because i was bored-
High school freshman Dameon May Wrath is a simple, somewhat plain girl. She has a job, active school life, and so on. Everything is perfect...until Ian Scythe, a transferred sophomore comes to Laurel Oak High.
Making it up as I go along.
enjoy the Christmas time^^
here you go my is not so good but i tried at least
well this story here is connected to me "Apep Dragon of Knowledge" piece that i gives you an idea of What the piece represents...hope you enjoy!