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Following the events of twenty years prior, a "Cult of Gongora" had emerged, causing chaos around the world. Chief Inspector Jien Austere has apprehended its leader and prepares to lead him to Uhra to receive justice.
Fandom: Utena
Pairing: Juri x Shiori
Song: The Rasmus - Guilty
Rating: 13+ (Femmeslash)

I love this song, because it describes the relation of Juri x Shiori best.
[Republic Commando, post Hard Contact] The clone commandos contemplates the simple things as Omega Squad prepares for their next mission onboard a luxury liner.
Nami x Vivi One-shot. Contains WAFF and Shoujo-ai. Rated: PG-13+

Need to collect ideas :P
Nami x Vivi. Oneshot, Songfic. The day before both of them have to gotheir own way. so I thought the Song "Listen to the rain" byEvanescence would fit into this :)
I wrote it in Vivi's view... and I hope the words fits to her character. and... well...
Nami x Vivi a kind of teaser to my german fanfiction Desert Children. I will do an english version of it.Nami left the mugiwaracrew and lives together with Vivi in Arbana....
Raven and Starfire
Shoujo-ai and dogyness included
Blackfire x Jinx... Slight Shoujo-ai
a poem of Raven - dedicated to starfire... shoujo ai
weird poem type thing....Not sure what it's supposed to be. I wrote it while listening to a song of the same name by a band called poe.
My idea on what is the humans race weakness. Something i think we as a race deny more than anything.
another from my book I found, this is the only 1 I remember writing (I was in Science). try to think anime style when reading it(thats if your like me and imagine the things your reading). not sure whether it'd be classed as a poem or story 0_0 only
again this was found in 1 of my old books. Im guessing by the shortness of it its actually a poem, but I'll pop it here anywayz. About loneiness and giving up ^__^
well I found an old book full of poems/storys I wrote, this is 1 of em. about suicide. very short =^__^=
BAD LUCK and ASK are to share the stage once more!
Loneliness consumes us all, but also has the power to bring complete oposites together. (I'd really appreciate reviews!)
This is a story i wrote like, last year or something. Its a fantasy story.
this kinda the jist of whats stiring up in me, cant explain it though. oh well, hope ya'll like it.
every thing here is all true, cuse of my son-of-a-dog cousin, Sean >_< DRAGONS I HATE HIM! and i heard that his life aint going so well X) as it says though, I'm broken...
heh i was bored (what else is new) but i like it >^-^< its 'sposed ta be
some-what up lifting. comment if u please.
dedicated to the San Diego fires...that are destroying my home town
again, dont ask.
...dont ask...
i thought of this during Spanish class...THATS probly why im failing ^-^"
but i like it, it turned out a lot better than i thought it would. im kinda trying to make it into a song ^-^"