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this a second version of the main one done by me. Kakashi and Lady Hokage Aimi get lost during a mission and then they get feelings for each other. want to see the original go here:
its not much and all. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!
theres not much to it but inuyasha is dead in this dont kill me inuyasha lovers. PLEAZE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!
I isent real good bu can you please comment
its about Sango and Miroku where Miroku sings a song to Sango
Theres not much to say but PLEASE REAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ya a kakashi fic about well he was a genin/chunnin
wonder what a chatroom with inuyasha miroku kagome and sango would be like. Also what about sango and kagomes talk would be like figure out
ya a Christmas fic. so you know there are a few new shipping's in this one.
new things:
and a special couple
you know your obbsessed with Naruto when...........
yay inspired by the episode Tales of ba sing se in the great Show Avatar
here is the order of the stories
1st Paulina and kimiko
2nd Master fung
3rd Omi
4th wuya
5th jack
6th aimi
7th chase young
Paulina and jack have news for all, PAULINA'S HAVING A BABY. not just a baby twins. will the two love there children and cherish them? read to find out
the charecters and there theme songs
a friend is dieing but is not telling jack or wuya. through her last days of life jack wants to be more then just friends.
Just a quick poem on how Mushra feels.this is my first one so please no flames!
a romantic story revolving around Otaku and Zuko
be evil
a water bending princess that zuko realy likes falls out of the sky with her pet it is now an adventure through magix and zuko's ship if she gets home
Deni, my friend, and I wrote this together. It's a story on how Bakura (Yami) likes a pie and marries it and...yeah. It's stupid and random and funny. I think you'll like it
can not tell
Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her
Its what we do
Okay, wanted to write yaoi. Finally was there, explaining all about Ray. So if you wanna read, go ahead: NO SPOILERS ^-^
Kay like to talk about himself. Dont blame me!
This story exists only to test stuff.