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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Addie was in study hall when all her favorite chracter just started to pop up out of no where. Complete randomness ensues.
Story for Remembrance Day Contest....
Hatsuyo Yagami was a normal person until she learnt about her real past.
"They Say the moon is like a gypsy, She casts a spell and then she''s gone, we all know life is strange, everything can change with the dawn,"- As Long As there''s a Moon (deleted song from the Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Sort of a copy of the Bachelor. Chris'''' manager signs him up for a new reality show in which in the end one girl will become his wife.
We need YOU to be the next recruit!
yep thats right! ZAoTSAM is writing fillers for NATM with two new characters: Thema and Rehema!
one girl desires the best for him the other wishes for nothing but Fame and love.He just wants to see some action. Two step sisters and one man all but ever forever adoring him. OverDramatic Shipping and Industrial Shipping.
When chris invites a fellow classmate from his school time for a new season what will happen.
This is not the story, just where I can see who's all gonna join.
Bios from the following: Glimpses Of The Past, Wisdom From Heaven. I will try to put them in order.....
This is mainly my report......I was bored, so umm................yeahhhhh
With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?
A new site has been created
This is mainly a story of how Shifu met Oogway when he was a tiny cub. (If you haven't watched Kung Fu Panda then there's no point in even reading this....)
Hey! Guess what today is! You DON'T know?! Shame, shame on you. I can't tell you just yet. It would ruin the surprise.
We are currently producing a FAN MADE Sailor Moon Video Game. To learn More go here!
Want to prove your a sailor scout?!!?
For all you loyal LeoxHazel romance fans! It isn't near completion, but its something I've had for a while. Takes place before Crystal Tokyo and after they're fighting! Rated M for safety!
...look at the title...
The New Sailor Scouts??? How bogus!!! Read on!!!
Dr. Gero's Journal is a Journal with ALL of his Work Starting from the Day he Died And His Super Computer Shut down. But yet somehow his Journal keeps going on... And it will until he creates the perfect warrior.
Dr.Gero may be gone but his Hatered of Goku Will never Die. Nor will his Lifes Work... To Create The Perfect warrior!

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Check out the side story

Dr.Gero's Journal-
She was a murderer. Then I changed her. She became the only hope for the universe. She is a senshi...RATINGS NOT YET DECIDED!!!
A husband with a full time job. A child in college. Middle school twin girls. And three year old triplet boys. Also work, house duties, mothering and being a sailor senshi. Seems impossible doesnt it? Welcome To the Diaries Of Hazel Lovely.