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Random poems. Starting writing them again, might continue for a while. So yeah! Poems about lots of . . . well, lots of whatever falls into my head when I sit down to write. Enjoy!
I didn't write this, my friend Mashes-the Slytherin Queen on did, but it's just too funny, so I decided to post it here for anyone who cares ^^'
Something I wrote for a project, this goes with the picture I drew a while ago, Lost Sunset. Gosh! I've never put up any prose before! Yay for firsts! Anyway, the reason I never post anything: because it sucks.
This piece doesn't completely follow the pl
look around you, remember you are mortal...
ever thought of killing someone?... she did...
Yuuko asks Watanuki to deliver a bracelet to his least favorite person. Will he finally realize what's seemed so obvious to everyone else? Or is Yuuko just wasting her time? (WatanukiXDoumeki)
(One shot) Fuu and Jin share a short, but meaningful
conversation. Fuu decides that even a simple response can sometimes mean a lot.
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.
my home,know what its like! ;)
read and find out...
well as you can see this is the best memory i've had till now and i will always remember... this is a must-read for girls....
dedicated to stu xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
p.s. i did find angie Again ;)
it tells all on its own
i couldnt find a more suitable title but your welcome to give me some... i actually was really lieing outside watching the moon when i wrote this...
it really is a disease that all of us have gone through before and trust me it will happen again...
thi poem says all
ever thought of becoming evil? this is the story of how I, Lucretia Foxe, took that path... enjoy
poem bout my hobby
this poem is a prophecy for the book i'm writing, it foretells all of the things that will come to be
this is dedicated to Lanfear, coz only she will understand it... you can also understand it if you have read "a wizard abroad" from diane duane... so lola i hope you remember the essence of peaches and the role he plays within roland.... ;)
i was feeling particularly moody, more like pissed.... anyway i still like it so i hope you do too... enjoy
right,its freaky, no need to like it;), i appreciate comments
right the heading is the answer for this 'riddle'...its my favourite creature there ever was, so, figure it out and enjoy
my first poem to this site.. well i was quite moody when i wrote this but that could be because the teacher annoyed me (yep, wrote this in school ;) ) so, its one of my favourites, enjoy
Something has been irritating Zoro. What irritates him more is that he can't figure out what it is. And as if he's not having enough trouble, Luffy is just making things worse. (ZoroxLuffy)
These are short lessons based off the Quenya Elvish (LotR) course on Rather than 40 pages a chapter, I got them down to 4. I don't have all lessons like this yet. All material belongs to Tolkien and was compiled by that site.
One shot. Shikamaru tells about his odd conversations with Sasuke. Hints of one-sided SasuNaru.