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Dear comrades, this is my first English-language fic! Fanfiction about Rath’s bad day.
This is comedy.
It's a comic/story thing I've been working on for I think a half year now. The prologue may not have a place in the comic though. All characters (c) me
Fandom: Utena
Pairing: Juri x Shiori
Song: The Rasmus - Guilty
Rating: 13+ (Femmeslash)

I love this song, because it describes the relation of Juri x Shiori best.
Nami x Vivi One-shot. Contains WAFF and Shoujo-ai. Rated: PG-13+

Need to collect ideas :P
Just a quick little story I decided to write. It gets a little sad at the end, be warned. Hope you like it.
ok the first chapter that explains a LOT about sadie is here! the first few chapters are in here point of view, but It does change i promise. Her story is a sadi one U.U ANyways i hope you enjoy it!
This is the second part to the first story "It Hurts To Know The Truth" So if you haven't read the first part please do not read.... you'll not understand anything...
Nami x Vivi. Oneshot, Songfic. The day before both of them have to gotheir own way. so I thought the Song "Listen to the rain" byEvanescence would fit into this :)
I wrote it in Vivi's view... and I hope the words fits to her character. and... well...
I merely wrote the first sentence of this story. Write comments to continue the story yourself as you please. All comments will be accepted and added to the story. This is just to get fun. Collaboration is really appreciated.
Nami x Vivi a kind of teaser to my german fanfiction Desert Children. I will do an english version of it.Nami left the mugiwaracrew and lives together with Vivi in Arbana....
this is my first fic and I am very sorry because I wrote it in Spanish. However I'm working hard to translate it into English some day. At least the translation of the title would be "Nights of Bleeding Moon" To those who can read it, I hope you lik
just an experience...
Imagine this...
Raven and Starfire
Shoujo-ai and dogyness included
Blackfire x Jinx... Slight Shoujo-ai
a poem of Raven - dedicated to starfire... shoujo ai
De traan in de sterren

De nacht brak aan
Ze voelde de zonnestralen omlaag gaan
De sterren kwamen in de hemel te staan
En als je goed keek zag je de maan.
Ze staarde naar de mooie hemel die kwam
Daarvan had ze iets raars een dwang
A thing I came up with afetr hours of thinking about sonic heroes. Read if you have time to waste:my opinion it not very well done: but still please read for my sanity.
If the format's messed up, sorry but this is my first time uploading writing. Anyway, I used Edgar Allan Poe's style of writing for this so I hope you enjoy it!
a page from my journal.