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Follow Levi and his friend Kaz as they Quest to find the Ravens that were rumoured to have died long ago.
So you wish to continue the quests of the clans? Then read the sequel to The Second Prophecy!
Don't Deny Love
Warning: Contains suggestive scenes!
[SasuSaku] Slight hints of [NaruHina]
Summary: Ugh I don't feel like writing a sum...just trust me it's good ^_^
and please comment!
[SasuSaku] ONESHOT
Can't you see my pain? Or maybe you just don't care. BUt you turn your back that your final answer? The silence between us only makes it worse.
[SasuSaku] [NaruHina]
True friendship is such a rare item that it must be treasured or else it will wither away. When childhood friends have a reunion,  will they be able to get along like they used to? Or will their differences tear them apart?
Our favorite cherry blossom moves to boarding school along with her best friend Ino-chan. When they meet up with a unique character will they be able to deal with him,his rabid fan girls and gay fan boys? Come and find out!
Warning: Many Love triangles XD

The very first moment emerald met onyx it was love at first least for one of them. When squad seven recieves a dangerous mission to protect a wealthy family, Sasuke realizes something important. On the other hand, Sakura experiences a great lost. Who can help her? He's too stubborn and it appears there are others swooning after the goddess-like blossom.
PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! I also posted this story on ^-^
No reviews equal no chappies because I'm not going to update a story if no one likes it...I would only be wasting my time if I did that!
In the the world of Melee, anything goes! Expect the unexpected. It's about the Nintendo characters we all know and love!
 It's a story I made up that has a few things from the Mario bros. game, but with twists.
Summary: Jenasa is your typical average girl, to make her life more better, she decides to attends Duel Academy. Though now she is about to discover the most important secret of her life...
A new version of the famed and loved
Warriors' and 'Warriors-The new Prophecy' by Erin Hunter. Please enjoy!
ah, its been a long time since i have written a naruto fic. anyways, this is a song fic starring three characters with the most depressing childhoods: uzumaki naruto, uchiha sasuke and gaara of the desert.

[screencaps taken from]
Vol.2 of my Sonic Characters.
This is a chapter about Tails and his lover Tulip the hedgehog. She sniffs a posionous rose while trying to get flowers for Tails and now Tails must travel through Ice Cap's Mountains to find these berries that should cure here sickness
This is a description of a few Character I've created in different series of Comics I made. This might should help you better understand who's who and all of the series there is.
This is my 3rd series I've ever drawn of Sonic.Since I have no scanner I'll have to just write. This is a story about a newly made creation, Metal Shadow!
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.
It's for my special friend,Liza! About our friendship... ^__^
Hisoka's fired as a shinigami, yet he doesn't tell Tsuzuki. One-shot. Sad ending.
Tsuzuki's POV. Contains PG-ish...A type of poem(??)Well,instead of reading summary,why not just read the whole thing...?