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Hatsuyo Yagami was a normal person until she learnt about her real past.
"They Say the moon is like a gypsy, She casts a spell and then she''s gone, we all know life is strange, everything can change with the dawn,"- As Long As there''s a Moon (deleted song from the Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Sort of a copy of the Bachelor. Chris'''' manager signs him up for a new reality show in which in the end one girl will become his wife.
yep thats right! ZAoTSAM is writing fillers for NATM with two new characters: Thema and Rehema!
one girl desires the best for him the other wishes for nothing but Fame and love.He just wants to see some action. Two step sisters and one man all but ever forever adoring him. OverDramatic Shipping and Industrial Shipping.
When chris invites a fellow classmate from his school time for a new season what will happen.
Here is a poem I wrote.
my oc's that you can use in drawings/ stories
This is my part of a trade I did with Farah. Daniel and Flora are Farah's original characters. You can go to her site right here.
something I wrote a while back for an assignment
ok I know sucky title but this is an avatar fan fic ok
This story is for an art-trade I did with zukosavatarofthesunandmoon. The story is mainly about her meeting Orochimaru, whom she falls in love with. I really hope you like it so far.^^
the first 2 chapters are her scrapbook and the rest is a iary
theme song (involves oc's)
erm, something i did when i was bored, a series of questions regarding Science and Alchemy. quiz yourself! its fun...i think....
Spicer tells everyone about a giant Holiday called Christmas. What will happen
A story to manga "fairy of Anime." and Chase "prince of darkness." and there forbidden love
yay this is an old story so sue me at will
sorta winxish and avatarish
Jack Spicer/Paulina Wu story. it takes plac when Paulina moved back into the neighborhood and Jack asks her out.
I wrote this as a writing assignment and wanted to share it
thanks spicexisxnice for the idea.
this story is about when my made up Paulina has her powers drained and loses the love of her life.
heres the cast list
Manga (oc) : Mulan
dojo: Mushu
Chase: shang
Jack: ling
Dashi Fung guan and other old guys: ancestors
Wuya: Shan yu
Sokka: yaoi
Clay: chan po
not all charecters have parts sorry
this a second version of the main one done by me. Kakashi and Lady Hokage Aimi get lost during a mission and then they get feelings for each other. want to see the original go here: