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Sliv's Profile

Sliv's Profile
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Username Sliv Gender Female
Date Joined Location Australia
Last Updated Occupation Pie
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Member Info
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Real Name: [secret]
Nickname: Sliv, Pie
DOB: 12 Jan
Birthstone: Garnet
Zodiac Sun Sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Moon Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Age: 19
Height: 5'5”
Weight: 55kg
Hair colour: reddish orange with regrowth.
Eye Colour: Greenish grey
Tattoos: None yet
Piercings: Currently 4 left earlobe, 1 left tragus, 1 left helix, 2 right earlobe, 1 right tragus, 2 right rim, 1 navel
Ethnicity: White (Australian born with Polish/Ukrainian and English background)
Blood Type: Unknown
Relationship Status: Married
Occupation: Army wife
Pets: Scamp (Mouse)
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes
Fears: Heights, Insects
Favourite People: Salem, Nyss&Dan, Brett, Suzi, Ing, Mum, Dad and Linny
Animals: Cats, Rabbits, Turtles, Snakes
Favourite Colours: Black, Purple, Green, Blue, Pink
Favourite Food-Sweet: Ice Cream, Doughnuts, Spekulatius, Ginger Thins, Kambly Mont Choco, Apples, Watermelon, Samhain Pumpkin Pie
Favourite Food-Savoury: Mongolian Beef, Ravioli, Hokkien Noodles, Salem's cooking, Linny's cooking
Least Favourite Food: Pizza, Most Cake, Most Meat, Croissants, Stone Fruit
Favourite Drinks: Chai Latte, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, Chocolate Milk, Crème de Menthe, Bourbon, Baileys
Favourite Flavour: Choc-mint, Vanilla, Cinnamon
Favourite Season: Winter
Favourite Music Genres: Industrial, Goth-rock, EBM, 80s Synth, Visual Kei, Scandinavian Metal
Favourite Bands: VNV Nation, Skinny Puppy, Mortiis, Cradle of Filth, Deathstars, Children of Bodom, Dimmu Borgir, Suicide Commando, Cabaret Voltaire, Danse Society, London After Midnight, Dir en grey, Malice Mizer, Phantasmagoria, Voltaire
Favourite Movie Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Favourite Movies: Death Note, Blade Runner, Sin City, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Mummy, Van Helsing, The Fifth Element, Pirates of the Caribbean
Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Pushing Daisies, The IT Crowd, The Chaser’s War on Everything
Favourite Books/Series: Patricia C. Wrede-The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Jennifer Fallon-The Demon Child Trilogy, Jennifer Fallon-The Hythrun Chronicles, Emily Rodda-Deltora Quest
Hobbies: Video Games, Goth, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Cosplay, Drawing, Painting, Shopping
Collects: Pinky:St Dolls, Stuffed Octopuses
Sub-cultural Group: Goth/EGL, Rivethead/Industrial/Military, Otaku/Cosplay
Motifs: Skulls, Ghosts
Puzzles/Solo games: Mah-Jong, Sudoku
Catchphrases: "Instant regret." (when I've eaten something I probably shouldn't have), "Minus 2 Respect." (when looking down on somebody)
Favourite Anime: Sailor Moon, School Rumble, Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura, Love Hina, Deltora Quest, Mew Mew Power, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Pokemon, Digimon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Death Note, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Magic User's Club, Chobits, Excel Saga, FFVII: Advent Children, Kiki's Delivery Service, Porco Rosso
Favourite Manga: Sailor Moon, Fruits Basket, Cardcaptor Sakura, Love Hina, Tokyo Mew Mew, Model, Gunsmith Cats, Paradise Kiss, The Demon Ororon
Favourite Video Games: Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Harvest Moon, Viva Pinata, Pinky:St KiraKira Music Hour, Timesplitters, Power Quest

I AM NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS, not because I don't want to, but because I don't have a scanner at the moment.



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Shadowlover8 on February 12, 2009, 12:13:11 PM

Shadowlover8 on
Shadowlover8Hey imperial soldiers just shut down on me(it said it's upgrading) did that happen to u?

LoveKisameChan on February 9, 2009, 6:59:10 AM

LoveKisameChan on
LoveKisameChanLol it's really worth it XD God, I'm STILL listening to Sort Of Dunno Nothin' :D

LoveKisameChan on February 8, 2009, 10:04:12 AM

LoveKisameChan on
LoveKisameChanOh, and if you like sci-fi, fantasy, and action/adventure, you should look into Cowboy Bebop. It's mah favorite anime since the art and music is amazing. The characters are really loveable (and you love to hate some of them). I'd give it a shot, it's considered one of the best animes of all time :) Watch the first episode and lemme know what you think. ^___^ -Ep 1, part 1

LoveKisameChan on February 8, 2009, 10:06:38 AM

LoveKisameChan on
LoveKisameChanOh, sorry. That's the Japanese version. I'd highly reccomend watching the English version. It's actually a GOOD dubbing. Now THAT'S rare, lol.

LoveKisameChan on February 8, 2009, 9:59:32 AM

LoveKisameChan on
LoveKisameChanReally? That's awesome! It totally deserved it. I like it because both teens and adults can relate to it, and it's something a little different, y'know?

LoveKisameChan on February 7, 2009, 10:47:18 PM

LoveKisameChan on
LoveKisameChanThat Sort of Dunno Nothin' vid reminds me of my first boyfriend. I broke up with him cuz he didn't really have much of a personality. XD Tis a great vid.

Tuxedo_Mini_Mask on February 7, 2009, 3:25:49 PM

Tuxedo_Mini_Mask on
Tuxedo_Mini_Maskthe test? Yea, my comp is being freaking and posted only half of the test files O.o, So all you can upload is the little extraction Icon lol

I will upload it again tomorrow *possibly with something else ;)* and test it on my bro's comp lol xD

AngleOfLight on February 7, 2009, 9:46:43 AM

AngleOfLight on

shinypikachu2608 on February 6, 2009, 12:08:04 AM

shinypikachu2608 on
shinypikachu2608Don't worry Pai-chan, me and kitty had a talk and it's all sorted out!

nikki001997 on February 5, 2009, 11:33:20 AM

nikki001997 on
nikki001997hello pai!!!how are you???I got new pics up!!!!

StrawChan on February 4, 2009, 9:45:26 AM

StrawChan on
StrawChanFwee! Look! It's Sliv!

Yeah, great minds think a like I guess! And here I thought no one else would think to use that animal! XD Sorry about that anyway.






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