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The Digital World is endangered yet again. Five of the original six warriors return, with a new human warrior and two new Digimon friends. But can they stand up to seven Demon Lords acting as servants to a great evil? Takumi from ch 2, OCxKouichi
ten years after Kaili and her friends defeated the Cyclonians.Kaili married Ryou and had a daughter.Now,a new Cyclonian threat is arising,and she must become-Mew Grape!
All my friends who have ocs in the original story,you need to create their kids.
Kiseki has a special power that was casted by a witch on the generations of her family. She tries to make it through but once someone finds out her ancestors erases their mind and forget everything about her.
This is finally my mew Mew story, so, read if you want, if ya like, tell me! ^U^
When Uchiha Reiko comes back home to the leaf Village, everything breaks loose! What will happen? Read to find out!
Okay people, I just made a Twilight oc! here's her profile, comment me with your thoughts, then I'll need ocs to join in! (That means you Kitty!) ^U^
This story includes my KH oc Ichigo who is Sora's older sister by one year. Kitty, I don't think that your oc will be in this because I'm following the script of the game so if she isn't in here, don't get mad! :3
This is a Digimon story with my oc Azukia and my fanmade Digimon. I will make this a series following all the seasons so look forward to it! ^^
My profile won't let me add my pets birthdays so i'm putting it in here ^^
This is yet ANOTHER songfic about the love Aqua and Damian from my SM story share.
This is a story dedicated to the friendship I share between me (Diamond) and my best friend on earth Sori (Hikari) This is for you Sori-chan!
Xana has switched the genders of the Lyoko gang. It's a quite pointless attack, but it annoys the Lyoko gang past the point of no return.
DD: Inspired by a drawing that Dana-sama saw.
(Don't read the other 2, they broke) Just so you know, I am Hakuyasha, a female half-dragon, half-vampire. Snow is an imaginary catgirl with white ears and tail, white hair, and blue eyes. We both live in the factory and go to school at Kadic Academy.
hee hee! su! after the safari park, i wanted ta doos somethin' similar! so i gots this one! hope ya like its and it;s funny!
and YAY!! mandi's in its, whooo!! about time she got a story.
*shrugs* Just a random weird fanfic. I might put two OCs belonging to other people in it if you ask nicely...
When Team Rocket start trying to take over by creating Pokemorphs, who will stop them? A former Pokemorph, that's who! Chris belongs to CM Doujin ( and Kai, Haru, Kitty, and Tex all belong to me.
The story of a Pokemorph who was a Pokemon Ranger also. Her name was Hayate Houtori. Did she exist? Yes. Please, keep comments to a minimum. I prefer not knowing what others think of this story. If you really think I need to know, though...
When Ruby moves to a whole new region and a whole new town, he also has to go to a whole new school. He is then put in a class with a buncha weirdos! Will Ruby survive or will he be doomed to live like this forever?!
I dunno..based offa something I saw on!

MHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHA! Awesome story about me, some friends, and some random Pokemon people being gym leaders in the mysterious new Dana region....

I CAN ONLY HAVE A LIMIT OF 5 PEOPLE!!!! I HAVE wolf-girl-ghost, mandy94t, NICKELODEON GIRL, gemdrop123neo, AND ericka, no more people are allowed!
Tee hee hee! Just a random idea I had, su!
P.S... Competition inside!
basically what the title says. =D
a story about Rhia, Gary, me, Brendan, Wally, Benny, May, all our Pokemon, and other stuff.

A stupid little fanfic, don't even bother to read it, but i'll keep on updating chapters.
a story about rhia and gary