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This was for a school project last year in my English class. We read Five People You Meet in Heaven. After we read it we had to pick from a list on what we wanted to do.

Sorry it's not properly indented. I don't know how to submit stories on here.
Don't read. The story is stupid and I wrote it at midnight, when I was half-asleep. Read if you must. Comment before faving to tell me why the hell you think this story is good.
This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
Nicky made this for me.
He is so amazing.
Um, there will be more, he said he isn't done with it yet.
And I know, he doesn't have the best grammer in the world, but oh well.
I love him.
Imagine.....your closest friends that know you inside, and out....that aren't supposed to be real....that you can't feel....can't hear.....can't see....coming to life. How would your world change? Mild violence cursing sex and might have yaoi
I really didn't know what to categorize this.
I got the idea from a song, as soon as people start guessing the song I will edit this and tell.
3 girls go to a park to have hang out, but they end up meeting 3 vamps, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward...and one gets bitten. Will the other two girls stay human? Slight yuri. very slight.
Foxx and Iteco are friends....but how long will that last? Song-fic....Jun-Jun sux at summeries T3T...ums....>.>....some spoilers for Suki readers...>.<
I wrote this for school.
A lot of people like it.
So I put it on here, and see what you guys think.
~~Leslie Anne~~
I suck at summaries, but I promise the actual story is worth reading!
Well songs or poetry brandon and me and more of my friends write...
Well i love one piece it was the 2nd anime i fell in love with=3 and i had to think of a story for my story line it was hard@_@
well this is about when i lost my best friend (guy friend) and he was also my crush..i miss him so much but i'm happy with the boyfriend i have now
Anastasia and Lilly are new students at Ritsuka-kun's school...but what happens when Ritsuka learns they're a fighter unit named 'Bloodless'? Why are they both alone in the world? And what's Anastasia's asosiation (sp?) with Semptimal Moon?
What happens when my friends and I get kidnapped by vampires? Utter insaneness, that's what! Some chapters may contain sexual content and violence
this about when i frist ment naruto!^^

When I Ment Naruto © Marisa937
Shanks © Marisa937
Just some random words I slapped together when watching the snow fall outside. ^^U Sorry for the randomness. (one-shot)
Foxx learns what puppets are and what they do! B4 the story of Naruto starts! I don't own Naruto or Oni!
well this is how i ment sora!^^
this is how it want...

When I Ment Sora © Marisa937
Content HOTNESS!!!!!

Elricest!! [Ed x Al]
but any one who make's fun of this i'll kick there @$$!!!

And i waited... © Marisa937
it's a tribute to someone i lost...

Wish you were here now... © Marisa937
erm, something i did when i was bored, a series of questions regarding Science and Alchemy. quiz yourself! its fun...i think....
Naruto and co find themselves, after being on a comp for some reason, in the Digiworld! How the hell did that happen? Read to find out. Season o' Digimon: Frontier (don't like it, don't read it)
Comment/Flame if you read plz ^^
Naruto and co get transfered some how to the YGO GX world. What crazy fricked up crap'll happen? Read to find out! -dramatic pose- :D