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AU. Hikaru never entered the professional Go world, opting instead to placate Sai with NetGo and Go Salons. Years pass by and now Hikaru is a normal office employee going about his daily life until…
Well I''m starting another story, which follows the tale of a young warlock named Maverick and his sister, Izzy. They set out to defeat a dark witch who has taken over their world.

You''ll have to read to find out more. Please comment.
In order to control his violent behavior, Trunks gets sent to therapy. Can he finally learn to stop pushing people away, or will his past keep him from moving on? It's better than the summary, I promise... Possibly SLIGHT Trunks x OC.
I cannot believe the dearth of material in this category! o_O It's ridiculous.

Anyway I had to do this for a World Lit. assignment and...well why not, right?
this was an English assignment....>_> we had to choose a character from the book, Catch-22, and place him/her in an event that happened in the war in Iraq. it was quite fun. (you'll really have to know the characters to understand what's going on)
Got paid to write it. So i wrote it. It's for an original music video my friends have to do for class. The end of the video is gonna be awesome x3
Just an idea I had, lemme know what you think.

And btw I borrowed the bad guys from actual myths lol

Also please make sure to check out the Q&A section (for background info on Hellfire), I'll be updating it periodically.
Heres my little multi-chapter halloween story.. i might make it a full series.. but for now.. it is what it is
Just a poem I wrote today while I was stuck at home sick...again...=(

Its and <3
Just a poem I wrote about Jt...^///^
This is basically the same story (with a focus on the anime rather than the manga) as the real thing but with the focus on a character I added in.

Remember this focuses on my OC, you need to know the original story to fully understand this.
This is a song I wrote for a friend cuz shes doing some band competition thingy XP
just a poem I wrote about a girl and a guy, and yes it is based off my own problems ^^''''''
Petunia Dursley took little Harry in with joy, loving him even more than her own son. But the Fates, cruel as always, takes him away. AU
Dudley had never liked his cousin Harry. No, it wasn’t that he didn’t like Harry, it was because he didn’t like the all the attention his own mother gave to Harry. AU
this is just a story my 8th grade science teacher told my class once. (no it's not about science....seriously)

enjoy it!! can't really remember how i came up with this one....i think i was just in some kinda mood or something....

this is a narrative poem and has a very unusual rhyming still rhymes.....
....just some poems...yeah.....most of them are from a poetry portfolio i made in 7th grade which got me the Young author's award

(i'm just saying-these are from memory so they may sound REALLY STUPID! >_< just don't go flaming about it)
Just something I wrote on my way to Colorado...
Just a poem I had to do for English, yes it is based on a true story (not me). I dont exactly remember all the details but it happened about 15 years ago..... its been so long >.> This is Dedicated to BreathlessAngel
This is a little different than my usual work^^'' I tried to capture an image I had in my mind....don't think I really pulled it off but yea...please comment^^
Death of an Undead. Vampires.
My cool FAC Family!^_^
Just a poem I wrote.... i know it sux but whatever...