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I''m crazy bored right now. So i decided to randomly come back and make a story
Tired of constantly being chased by Amy, Sonic is fed up. But when Tails mentions a possible solution, he's ready to try just about anything to get the pink stalker off his back. However, will the possible solution help, or just make the problem worse?
ok here is a spyro story im writing partly made from imagination partly made from dreams i keep having this was inspired by a dream i had also so yea enjoy  :D
yesh, i was in my shrink's office and was bored and felt like writing some poems.

these were written on the back of my mom's proofreading!
alright.....this is about a recent heart break.

NOTE: i did not go out wiht this guy, i just really loved him.
In my Advance writing class, we had to write an "letter" to our body. I decided that I didn't really enjoy the idea of writing a real letter to my body, so I was allowed to change it to a fictional characters body, put into 1st person format. Enjoy!
ok a story on jordan's life ok it will be bad i know so wat
This is a story from my soul please do not make fun of me...
In Honor of Naruto's 13th Birthday today I present to you my first Fan-Fic...SPRING MATSURI!(note if requested i may make more festival fics)
This is a story out of boredom^^

i'm currently obseesed with transformers so i made this story^^
It's a poem i wrote when i was happy
ok, here are wsome poems i wrote.
Sakura loves Sasuke & Sasuke has feelings for her too, but something is very wrong with him and his emotions are hurting everyone close too him including Sakura, he does more than hurt her but ruins her future but is it really Sasuke...
I made a sonic crossover that has vistors like mario,samus,banjo kazooie,megaman,and kirby
um........this is kinda random but this was one of my fave T.V shows as a kids so umm i dunno why im writin about it so um any way if 8u wanna be mentioned in it just say(even tho no-one will) and dont comment if u dont like it
ok everyone sems to have a story of there digimon so i made one too
Well it's sorta crappy, but it tells bout K.O's past
Actually my Mum wrote this and she wanted me to type it out on the computer for her and I haven't finished yet and we are getting a new computer and I don't wanna start writing it out all over again so I'll put it on here so I can save it.
a digimon story about digimon and tamers about there friendship honour and bravery
This story is about a thirteen year old girl named Arial who has discovered a secret...
this is a role pla that so far use jordan and sutaru
This is a story 4 my babe jordanthehedgehog!

I know it is weird............well Enjoy

God i love my Boyfriend so much /\_/\

I'm sorry If this is disgusting or is a request..
 This was the result of not sleeping for a few days, weired thing kept popping into my head, I posted this a very long time ago on my profile, but I decided to finally post it here to see what happens!
my second stoy the gang have now moved into a mansion
mi first story hope you like it if u want to be in the story let me know on mi profile page