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I had to do this poem for school...
I'm bad at poems, but i thought i'd share with you guys.
Raoul has a meeting with the Council and Mars in the morning, so he deals with it the only way possible: Getting high.
Yuki's busy on his new story. However, when a storm outside scares a certain someone, Yuki can't fight his brotherly instincts to go and make it all better.
It's Christmas Eve and it's time to be happy and merry. But Quatre finds it hard when the one person he wants isn't there on this special day.
Shyam Margor reminisces about the only woman he has ever truly loved. Moonless Age short story.
(PG, I think ^^) Shuichi and Yuki have gone to bed, but Yuki stays up a little to admire his lover. This is so sappy! XP
Duo and Heero are feeling lonely, and Quatre and Trowa's loveing behaviour isn't helping. With loneliness eating at them, will they finally admit their feelings?
Quatre is alone at home, with a storm strong outside. But it's the wind that scares Quatre the most. And there's only one man that can comfort him.
De traan in de sterren

De nacht brak aan
Ze voelde de zonnestralen omlaag gaan
De sterren kwamen in de hemel te staan
En als je goed keek zag je de maan.
Ze staarde naar de mooie hemel die kwam
Daarvan had ze iets raars een dwang
Never meddle in the affairs of dragons for humans are crunchy. And taste good with ketchup.
A brief review of my best friend Mike and I growing up. All the times we spent together; our victories and losses. His memory still burns in my mind even after so long. (Rated PG)
My twin brother Rick is better than me in every way. He brings out every flaw in me and I hate him. I hate him so bad I could just... (Rated: PG)
The story so far: In the beginning the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. Sesshoumaru is one of those people.
In an old, banished house, two girls watch a storm, and begen to see thing that were right under their noses the whole time...
Here I will put all my poems... Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are very sarcastisc and maybe some of them will be in my motherlanguage: Dutch... can't translate them cause of the dutch way of building a poem... When I trans
Heh, this is just a silly fic I made up about Yuri Hyuga and Alice Elliot, from Shadow Hearts. Don't ask me why I drew that pic 'Baby Snatcher' to accompany this! I just felt like doing something unsual! Uru/Urmnaf is Yuri's name in Japanese version.
Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her
Uin-Hasay returns to Kaede's Village. Will she recreat an old romance, or simply forget the past?
Note: This is old, so it isn't my best work.
Its what we do
Okay, wanted to write yaoi. Finally was there, explaining all about Ray. So if you wanna read, go ahead: NO SPOILERS ^-^
Kay like to talk about himself. Dont blame me!
Yugi is dying to tell Yula how he feels! Does he have the courage?