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Hmmm. Well this was done as a short story in the BB manga. I just took the originl and made it longer, detailed and better =P. So its basically what ACTUALLY had happened in Yurys childhood. I just added more tid bits into it.
GUARANTEED to be the most RANDOM thing you read. EVER. An RP created between me and Apocalypsedragon. The results were... unstable.
A short story written en español. Based off of a true story and that's what makes it funny. Featuring the sibling trio © me.
I suck at summaries, but I promise the actual story is worth reading!
This story is kinda... well, not done yet. That, and I can't believe I wrote something like this without being forced to.
The ones not on lv 100 i'm raising and i'm looking for tms Suggestions are very welcome MERRY CHRISTMAS
I told this story to my brother when he was four (he's five now) and I liked it so mmuch I had to write it down :D
I thought it would be funny to make a random commic about Organization Thirteen. So I did. This is just the writing the commic is going to be based on, then I'll draw it when I have the time.
This is my Pearl team
A rather long poem I wrote one day I forget why or what I was feeling at the time but I like it.
Not sure why or when I wrote this but I did. Just a short poem thing hope you like it.
When Ruby moves to a whole new region and a whole new town, he also has to go to a whole new school. He is then put in a class with a buncha weirdos! Will Ruby survive or will he be doomed to live like this forever?!
I dunno..based offa something I saw on!

One shot writing of Rock Lee and Sakura. Sakura treats Rock Lee as if he's invisible, Sasuke treats Sakura in the same invisible way. Will Rock Lee finally get noticed by his pink angel?
Seto forgets an important day and Mokuba gets very cross. Theres also a problem with the buissness that not only wants to get hold of the buissness but split them up.....Return of Seto's nightmare.
MHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUAHA! Awesome story about me, some friends, and some random Pokemon people being gym leaders in the mysterious new Dana region....

I CAN ONLY HAVE A LIMIT OF 5 PEOPLE!!!! I HAVE wolf-girl-ghost, mandy94t, NICKELODEON GIRL, gemdrop123neo, AND ericka, no more people are allowed!
I wrote this based on an instance that happened not too long ago. It meant so much to me and inspired me a great deal, so I wrote this short little story about my experience and feelings.
I was feeling down about some stuff and I wrote this
This is,as the title says,my team off my LeafGreen version.PLEASE READ AND COMMENT!!!*gives out cookies*
I decided to put together some of my favorite Phantom of the Opera quotes. The first 3 are my absolute favs.
basically what the title says. =D
I've recently reread "The Little Prince" By Antoine De Saint-Exupe'ry and I felt like putting some of my fav qoutes from it together.
a story about Rhia, Gary, me, Brendan, Wally, Benny, May, all our Pokemon, and other stuff.

A stupid little fanfic, don't even bother to read it, but i'll keep on updating chapters.
a story about rhia and gary
Ok I'm on a Labyrinth kick and wanted to write so this came about. Read and comment if you like. Oh and yes Niki is my sister I have us both at the age we would be when I first wanted to try and write this which is me at about 15/16 and her at 13/14