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If this is the problem you can seek the perfect solu
While it is technically an unfinished story start, I decided that it was something I liked and so have kept it.
I read it as an open-ended short story although it was not the original intention.
It was something I found on my memory stick from a few months ago, making it a hell of alot more recent than any of my other work. The name was something I thought up just to put it up on here when the thought crossed my mind, it's loosely based on the piece.
this story is about Lowell and Andres life and how did they spend it by saving their Academy and the world from evil with their friends!

P.S. have their fun :):
Descripted events of my life that had insightful value that I felt was appropriate to share.
this is an essay for my english oral pressintation (speech) that i am going to post everywhere i can.
A little poem quote thing I wrote one day
As I float down the river, I think of how life begins and how it ends...
i have been through lots of things in my life, now that i do this. I am happy because all of it so true.
A story of things that happen to me and my friends... alot of it will be MSN convos and I deleted the old one cause it was being annoying... ENJOY!!!! Or else...
just a random poem about how time flies by so fast..and was bored and sad at the same time...
And then I tried to understand the breathing and slow surface ripples below your skin; if it is your blood like my own; or your breath I can still feel against my lips?
So many questions I can't answer alone... I have to think reeeal hard now...
srry bout the spelling
Just a story.
When Vanessa’s charity event brought in one of the most famous J-rock stars she opens her home to them and then her heart. She gets a few surprises then is taken on a whirl-wind of an adventure as she gets closer to Miyavi and a celebrity life style.
ok, this came to me one day, hope u like it!
This story is about a girl who keeps having dreams of a girl her age but in the 17th century which she later finds out is not just a dream. She also encounters many supernatural beings and huge problems she must face.
What is it exactly that drove me to the brink of insanity? Possibly my life has...
Poetry class rocks.
i was feeling down and thanks to those who helped me. The little girl was me and i never knew.
A self explainitory song. Would be even more awesome with a tune!
um just a poem that might turn into a storie i dont know...
After Sparx finished Vixymon: Lonely Life, he asked me to continue the series so here it is! Hope you like it! =D
I copied the awesome name from Warriors! Don't sue me! XD
A short thing that I wrote to my mom. Please comment.