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for a story im supposed to be making ^^
All/Most of my OC's from the Anime's I watch.


-Background =']]
Akai is now a genin and enjoying life in Konoha. But when a strange attack on his family ends with his sister's abduction, Akai will have to band together with new allies to find her.
It is two months after the events of Flower of Fire and Akai anxiously awaits the results of his graduation exam, and he still has to pass a Jonin's test as well. What can a mysterious scroll sent to him by his old sensei be for?
A collection of profiles for characters who will be included in my series of fanfics. Will be updated often.
Just all of my OC's (Now much more current)
After Sparx finished Vixymon: Lonely Life, he asked me to continue the series so here it is! Hope you like it! =D
I copied the awesome name from Warriors! Don't sue me! XD
These are the edits I make. Im getting really good so I will try to make alot (Please Dont edit over my edits I work very hard on them)
If you have some OC shinobi not from the Leaf Village and would like to see them in an alternate storyline, this is the page for you.
Yesssssssss, Digimon Destiny 2 is here! Join the gang for their next biggest adventure in the Digital World ^^
This is a story about my Warriors clan Sunclan and Whisperpaw! It is a story of how she joined Sunclan ^^ OC's welcome to join! This is gonna be a LONG story so be prepared for a lot of reading ^^
my oc's that you can use in drawings/ stories
DISCONTINUED Leave me here then. You'll don't need me and once you relieze what tradity ya'll caused. I wont be here. Ever. You said leave and never come back. So I want. Until I find the truth.
A requested story from Jordanthehedgehog of how me and him found Masheedramon and Leopardmon and stuff. Ps, I will not be adding OC's to this story but If you have a Digimon OC then ask to be in my other story Digimon Destiny!
*shrugs* plz comment
here is my digimon doggymon's profile.and don't steal him and use him
without my premmision to use him.
This is a song I thought fit the relationship between my Warriors OC's and their Bf's and Sharp-fang's OC Icepelt with Brambleclaw! ^^

Song: Baby, Look at us By: Sarina Paris
This is a Digimon fic about OC Digimon and of how the defeted some of the most evil Digimon ever! It's a story of courage, friendship and bravery.  Well, I hope you enjoy it! Oh, one more thing. DIGIMON RULES!!!
The picture's of Anouk her family and friends ^^ (edited images)
Just bio's of all my OC's for different shows and stuff. You can use them for stories or artwork, but you have to tell me first. I will tell you if I will let you use them or not.
Biographies of my All Oc's
This is for Ferret_avitar22, and im sry its taken SO long but here it is.

This is about Cyrus Riddle and Kit Johnson...and stufz that happens at hogwarts. Marauder era.

Sorry for ANY spelling/grammar issues.
Co authored with Skye Mac; about the Sonic gang winding up in an alternative world; and with two witchy sisters.(OC)