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This was for a school project last year in my English class. We read Five People You Meet in Heaven. After we read it we had to pick from a list on what we wanted to do.

Sorry it's not properly indented. I don't know how to submit stories on here.
... and the moments that bring them close together. A collection of oneshots & drabbles focusing on Japan and England. Full description on chap. 0
Not everyone takes break ups well, not even the usually Happy-Go-Lucky Leo.

Just a short drabble about my Eragon OC, Valefor and Murtagh. Contains slash. If you''re not into it, you''re crazy...I mean, then don''t read.
This was a dream that I had a few weeks ago. I thought it was sooo amazing that it was worthy of being cleaned up and typed @w@

Kinda like "2012" Jak and Daxter style. Hope you enjoy it :D
This is a collection of songs that I've written
Hikaru and Kaoru explain the 5 steps Tamaki went through to buying a cake for the Host Club Christmas party at the last minute.
Based on a true story.
Hayner's sister comes to live with them.
She's his twin and her name is Haylen which means 'Love Finder' to their mom.While she's there will she find love for to people?
This is what happens when me and dezzie r playing DDR, when I have read TOO many SeiferXHayner Fics, and when boredom strikes!=D
behold my poem of ultimate crappyness.
Read at your own risk.
Remake of "You Truely are Heartless". Name may change over time. Summary inside
Somefin' that I thought of while I was bored and playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.^^'
a sad story with sasuke talking about a day he will never forget. (SasuSaku) and (ItaSaku)
This is just to describe some of mine and Lane's characters (well, everyone I draw that original that I'll be adding in myself and Lane) ^^
...will ad later
Random poems. Starting writing them again, might continue for a while. So yeah! Poems about lots of . . . well, lots of whatever falls into my head when I sit down to write. Enjoy!
Its about twins
A small test story, launched for my personal tests on the site so that I may track down bugs in the stories system.
You know...just for when I want to randomly write something...maybe something on my mind. *shrugs*
She's looking for that missing part, and instead gets sucked into the life of the organization. (Full summary inside) AU, Rated Teen
"YOU LEFT ME ON A COLD STONE BENCH!!! I COULD'VE BEEN RAPED OR SOMETHING!!!" Sakura shouted then blushed at what she realized what she just said. Sakura leaves the hidden leaf village in search of sasuke. What misadventures await her?...
Sakura has a secret Ino and Hinata know, but sasuke doesn't what is the secret? and how will he act? read to find out!
a sequel to my sasusaku one shot "promise of a lifetime" read that to understand the story a little better! :3
a cute little oneshot of sasuke and sakura when they are younger! little bit of OOC
Yea me was bored and I kinda dreamed it!XD