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Anyway... I came up with this at like 2 in the morning. Couldn''''t sleep, so just started thinking of words and sticking them together. For this one, I would... really like to hear what your interpretations of it are..?
I was just thinking about random stuff while getting ready for church this morning and wrote this up in like ten minutes. Yikes. Uhh, I am, by no means, a poet. So... I''ll just leave it at that. Enjoy my attempted poem.
This has been in the works for a while.

Full view image here:
Life isn't always easy, and with the past hanging over you, it can be that much more difficult.

By the way, I accidentally deleted the whole thing! Please leave comments again if you left them before, guys!! Thanks! ^_^
A One-shot for R.R.

Senshi has been putting thoughts in Jay's head. It's up to Danny to make her think differently.
My short story that I made for my English II accelerated class
This story depicts the epic tale of "Kingdom Hearts: Final Confrontation," from the perspective of Cunla after his departure from Sora and Riku. See what he endures to become stronger, gaining new companions and eventually mastering the Rage.
Get in trouble at school by doing these.

I experienced them at my school...

Excuse any cheesyness or gramatical errors...I'm a n00b when it comes to writing... ^^;

Nyaaa~ -.-
SOON TO COME: The sonic company, the sly cooper company and the pokemon company all take a vacation to the same hotel! What will happen? Find out and see!
Has anyone ever heard of Gold and/or Kris? Well now, they are they get together and cause a little roudy trouble!
The Straw Hat Pirate Crew thinks that they finally got to the Grand Line, but they have'nt! It's just Las Vegas!!!
I'll be posting the manga pages once I make them, but this will be for profiles for anyone to read in the meantime. Also, this is where you can find more information on my Contest's related to The Black Death.
Someone is finally able to enter the world of Anime!! The only problem is...
The "chosen one" doesn't even know what Anime is, nor care for it.
I've wanted to do something like this for quite a long time! These are just some small Naruto stories that I've made up (will make up). Support is loved and adored! Please read and enjoy!
This is just something I thought I'd work on when I'm not drawing. Even so, I'd still like your opinion and critisism. Also, this story will involve different anime, videogames, and even a few books.
"And you help each other realize that all the things you want to be... you already are." -Drue, Dawson's Creek

"Look at yourself. Does the mirror reflect who you are? Be yourself. It's cooler." -Anonymous
A little poem about Amou-san. Those of you who haven't read the seies, btw, will probably not understand this poem. It references to his pain and questioning of himself in the series.

Man, I love Amou. He's the bestest. :3
Kagome seems to be having issues with her mirror. And she can't figure out why. Not only that, but she can't figure out why Sesshoumaru is suddenly bipolar. Does he care? Does he hate her? And what about everybody else? Inu Yasha? Sango? Miroku?
An epic adventuer about a family and friends who go for an adventuer only to find that one of theire friends parent have been caputred by the evil wizard Dark, But where is Light?
What was Luci like when he was a kid? What about Yanagi? Or Ella? Curious?

I've taken the main characters from my manga "Angely i Demony" and put them into a modern school setting and we can watch them grow up, through the ages.
Here is where I'll be putting my character biographies. I'll add on as they appear in my stories.
Eighteen years ago, the village was attacked by two mighty tailed canine demons; a nine tailed male fox and his mate, a seven-tailed female wolf. FULL SUMMARY INSIDE!!!
Here's my friends in real life.