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I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.
Just a crap-poem I wrote about my inferiority complex, no big deal.
Just a bunch of surveys and quizzes I find. I''ll add one every so often, becuase I like these things.
During spring break, Jade decides to earn volunteer hours at a childeren''s mental health centre. However, a shocking discovery could change her life forever.
Some of these apply to me... is that bad? o_o
Want to Torture anybody from the Hyper Active Byakuya to the Brash, Tempermental and Foul Mouthed Kana? This Guide is just the thing! Each chapter shows 20 ways to annoy or humililiate your favourite characters!
Kate loves Will, but she doesnt think he loves her back, because she's just a silly little blacksmith. But does he? Will/Kate
poetry isn't my thing.
definitely not.
but i had to write it for
It's an Italian Sonnet
i did it for school last year and i really like it.
♥leave me some love♥
We are currently producing a FAN MADE Sailor Moon Video Game. To learn More go here!
The New Sailor Scouts??? How bogus!!! Read on!!!
Dr. Gero's Journal is a Journal with ALL of his Work Starting from the Day he Died And His Super Computer Shut down. But yet somehow his Journal keeps going on... And it will until he creates the perfect warrior.
Dr.Gero may be gone but his Hatered of Goku Will never Die. Nor will his Lifes Work... To Create The Perfect warrior!

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Check out the side story

Dr.Gero's Journal-
For millions of years the Autobots and Decepticons have fought endless battles and a member from each side is finally tired of them; so they decide to do something about it. ThunderCrackerxOC and sides of others.
She's an angel shot down from the sky. KisameTeneka Oneshot
A poem my friend wrote for another's recent death.
Just links from my profile. I hope FAC wont delete this again. >_<
Title explains itself, read on if you want.
This From my New COPYRIGHTED Story 'Hazel-Jikan Hogosha'(Which By the way Means 'Hazel- Time Guardian') I haven't Posted it here yet, But I might if I get Comments and Support! So Feel free to Comment and tell your friends! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
These are songs I like to listen to while adding chapter's to my numerous Stories! you can pretty mush assume I don't Own these Songs Unless I say other wise! *Created by pure boardness*
If I have enough People Joining then I will Make this story but if not then I Guess this story will just sit in my gallery Chapter less -.-

After Petropia got destroyed, three Petropieans escaped. After theire ship crash landed on Earth, they met our heroes.
30 ways to get you killed by your favorite Ninjas!
'It's been forever..... and I still love him so.....' NejiGaara
Sealed Away for over 1,000 years, The Powers of One young Man will be awakened! and With his Half Human Partner they will Defy Gravity and The rest of their worlds. They will save the souls of Thousands Because their destiny's are... Sealed