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Ponies arrive in our world, but why? What force could possibly bring them here?
Dedicated to those who lost their lives on September 11 2001, and, most importantly, to those who were left behind.
A collection of drabbles for GrimmjowXOc!
i hope you feel something while reading this as i am trying to get a few feelings across, so many people get hit by cars and its not the drivers fault but they have to live with it and it can tear so many familys apart.
A request... It is quite different from my usual style, but I have tried. I intent to make a different version at some point.
this was a story that i had to write for English using random words that the students came up with in class.
whos going were?
i was feeling down and thanks to those who helped me. The little girl was me and i never knew.
A Lenore Fan-fic
this is for an assignment i did for ELA. it is Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf's point of view.
A prose-poem style story about a house that haunted by little girls and Satanists. haha enjoy.
Zim in his case, is having a big brother day and he wants to appear normal so who does it bring.... Gir
I've recently reread "The Little Prince" By Antoine De Saint-Exupe'ry and I felt like putting some of my fav qoutes from it together.
my friend candyluvr and i changed the original song into a sonic song the tune stay's the same and some of the text is the same two.
Sesshomaru comes to understand why some of the silly little things Rin dose annoys him so. Sess/Rin none romantic, even though I do like them as a couple ^_^
While traviling to find Naraku, Kagome senses a jewel shard and the gang investigates, uknown to them that a group of traveling demon slayers has a "little" surprise for them.
For those who look at Soinks_girl's art this is the rp story she was talking about. I hope ya'll really enjoy cuz i think this is ADORABLE!
This is a poem based on "Ten Little Indians". It contains some of the greatest moments in Titans far, at least! Enjoy.
ok so i really like this whole making fun of mother goose stories cuz its really workin for me... so here