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A Short, Abandoned Story that i had written back in 2015 for 'Back to the Future Day', Which took place on October 21st, 2015.


November has Arrived, and with it, certain Anniversaries are Celebrated.
How do Doc and Marty Celebrate such an Anniversary?

Time Travel.
Written back in December 2017 for Christmas, while i was still in a 'Legend of Spyro' Phase.

This would be Post-Dawn of the Dragon, at least 15 Years Later.


It is Christmas in Avalar, and we see gifts exchanged between Family and Friends.

Featuring some of my Spyro OCs. :)
A Short Fanfiction Written back in 2019 as a sort of Experiment.


Life sees its fair share of Unique Creatures.
So what happens when im thrown into a New and Interesting Life with Equally Unique Creatures?
A Short Fanfiction i wrote back in 2016 when i was in a 'Legend Of Spyro' Phase.


Set Ten Years after the Events of 'Legend Of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon': Spyro and Cynder had since come to know a Wonderful Dragoness.

But what happens one night when things go wrong?
A Short Story Written back in 2018 as one of my very first Alien Fanfictions.
What would have happened if i had set myself in the world of the Xenomorphs?

Perhaps Something along the lines of this?
Written back in 2016, when i was in a "My Little Pony" Phase.

What happens when a Mysterious Changeling suddenly shows up?
Things certainly get a bit confusing.
Set in my Alien Fanfictional Universe: When a Rare King doesn't seem to be enough, another Rare form of Royalty appears.
Set in my AVP Universe: A King's Mission Against the Predators yields a great Result.
Originally Written Earlier This Year.
This Somewhat Short Story Follows the events leading up to the Birth of Solara the Xenomorph Queen.

Solara, my OC, is also the Mother of my Other OC, Ghost the Xenomorph King.
A Somewhat Short Story, Originally Written back in June 2019 as one of my Earlier Alien-Type Works.

'Aliens: Revenge' takes place Three and a Half Years after the Supposed Demise of a Rare King Xenomorph.

The Story Primarily sees things from the Weyland-Yutani perspective, as they set out to see what may have become of their old Adversary.

And most importantly, to find out if he is Truly gone.
This is a list and description of all Of my Characters! So maybe someone would like to give me gift artz? ;P
Final part in my Space Bridge trilogy.

Transformers (c) Hasbro
Gundog (c) Direwolf505
Blue Falcon (c) countramsely
Roadtrain (c) Flankfire
Everything else (c) me
Wanna know what Hamstar27's and my OCs look like? go to her profile -->
Bios from the following: Glimpses Of The Past, Wisdom From Heaven. I will try to put them in order.....
Just a place where I can keep details on my many OCs. Please note that none of them are Sonic OCs, kay? Comments and opinions greatly appreciated.
On the first day of the new school year, Emi Ishida and her brother TK find the Digital World in danger all over again. With Azukia and Kari back from the old days and a collection of newbies, can they save the Digital World again?
Something to help keep my characters straight, and to request art with.
Done! -^^-
well here they are! some of my ocs! i love them all!
Just a collection of my various OC bio's from different shows. :D Just so I won't have to retype everything over and over again when someone asks me for OC info. :D
A love story, kinda, between Yinyangprincess' oc, Haley, and my oc, Johnny. :) please enjoy
Just so I can have my old pro back to normal, here's my 100 theme list. Don't forget, always lookin' for more OC's to use. ;)
So I won't have to keep all this crap on my pro. >:D If anyone wants to join, you're welcome to, and this also makes it easier for the writers of the groups' story.
Meet Kaya, an up and rising pokemon coordinator and good friend of Dawn. She goes her own way after leaving the gym battles and dreams of catching the legendary Celebi. As she goes along her journey, she meets new friends, old enemies, and more.
I will start as a summary since everyone were eager to know how my story goes, then, I will start my true long story which entitled : "Secrets Untold"

Enjoy my whole Yugioh story summary ! ^^ tell me if you don't understand..:)