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A place I shall store all my short stories.
A random story I made about a girl who was annoyed. Tell me what you think the moral is!
A collection of random short stories I have written over the years. Many contain theming, but there's the occasional fun and light-hearted ones in here too. Enjoy.
Just some random ideas from books, TV, and games!
Haruhi Fujioka starts off to a new school... for cartoon characters. This is where they learn to become one with their inner toon and find where they belong before they get adopted to a show. Then someone begans posioning the toons. Can it be stopped?
Okay....So It''s easier to post all my quizzes here...instead of put them in my blogs...AND YEAH....
A collection of random one-shots.

basically just random stories involving those in HN and sonic and friends. stories will be added whenever i can ^^

i'm taking ocs and story ideas, so go crazy ^^
This will probably be just a collection of poems I write. Usually for friends or just me being silly out of boredom! 8D
Enjoy if you feel so inclined! ^^ I'll try to keep updating.
this was a story that i had to write for English using random words that the students came up with in class.
GUARANTEED to be the most RANDOM thing you read. EVER. An RP created between me and Apocalypsedragon. The results were... unstable.
Poetry class rocks.
Sayuri is your average Japanese high-school student. Well, she was, until she met an odd young boy. Who is this boy, and what's so odd about him?
its random
what do anime and manga characters do friday night? Go to a Karaoke club of course! Characters will confess secrets, love, or just plain get laughed at.
more details in story
Tiz a list of commandments me and Wolfeh came up with! I thought they were funny and she got the idea to put them here! Enjoy!
What will happen when in A Series of Random Events?? Nobody knows XD
Try translating a complex sentence into a foreign language and translating it back... <Actually I'll use the sentence over there XD hope you think it's funny =3
Random little drabbles... about things that just don't... make any sense to me....
Things u can do 2 annoy people at the movies. U can try them if u want, but u might get kicked out. ^^
One-shot...stuff. Poems, drabbles, whatever. Just, a place to put my stuff when it shouldn't go anywhere else.
When I'm bored...THIS is what happens. I have decided to create this um..."story" to show you all how psycho a person can be! :D
It's just a very short series that I created... which of course, is related to Pokemon... hope the story doesn't suck that much! I hate Pokemon too! Teehee!
blah... this is for my random moments
you can find anythin in here
Kai's an innocent bystander...sort of >.< Darian's a gang leader...and a pretty boy...Rannon likes little boys *cough* And girly men...this won't end well *sigh*