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Follow Aslynn on a adventure to a new vampyre school where she encounters love, loss and defeats a gruesome enemy.
A really long short story for creative writing class.
A Queen and her Heir are holding a tournament and Gala. Not everything goes according to plan.
A story about a girl called Anahera. After a night on the town Anahera is to drunk to drive home and is driven home by a polite man by the name of Braeden. She invites him inside for a drink. Never invite vampires into your house, will they ever leave?
a vampire and a human finding love for the first time.
Yeah, I'm not sure where the heck this story's going, but I gotta few things in mind... Just read it!
A poem I made which is kinda like a story ^^. its about a nightly creature kinda like a vampire who experiences their first kill. What happens? Read to find out! XD
This is a story about a werewolf that imprints on a vampire and the two quickly fall in love despite the different tempertures and the bad smells
a story based on the twilight seires i hav designed some new chacters you can find images of thes on my gallery, its a work in progress my typings not great anyways its bout a vampire called tomas an a were wolf called jade... enjoy
A story I am working on.. Some details are crpited from my life but most of it is fiction.. so enjoy. ^^
I am Yuki Cross, a human and I dwell in a place where vampires live just below they count the beating of our rapid hearts, and stave their dark desires. I stop them from killing, but can I resist the temptation?

For My fan Firefoxfireball101
K so this is a story that my friend is writing and its all about vampire and our spazzes so enjoy!!!

Not a story too lazy to write a story! Its one of the poems i wrote a few days ago to make my english teacher think im a freak.
This is Just something I've been working on for the past two years. It's definitely not your average Vampire/Demon story though. Definitely more complex...but I guess that's up for you to decided, huh?
[UNDER RECONSTRUCTION] Because all doused light has once shone bright.
this story is about a girl that starts to hang out with a guy and later finds out that he is a vampire, and he has to protect her, and to defeat the werewolve clan.
I had to do a modern story of ROmeo and Juilet well, I went all out on this. I might redo it and make it longer if people like it. Well its Capulets are Vampires and Mantiques are Werewolves...So yeah enjoy! ^^
Death, that final moment when you see the world for one last time. Ragged breaths and shattered memories, death...the ending.
But for me...death is only the beginning.
If you like Vampires/demons you'll love hells angel...He came from hell..but is his heart so clouded that he can't see other peoples pain and suffering? Dose he like someone out to hurt him or is someone in love with him....dose he care?
The demon inside me has awakened. It's time to feed. I am a monster. I never wanted my fate. Now I must banish the evil both inside of me and out... (Totally my own, already been copywritten)
A Vampire story...a bit odd...DARN IT i cant explain it well,just check it out
What happens to a family of vacatioers when a storm hits, and some one comes knocking on thier door?
The life story of a vampire named Aki who lived in Japan at least 2000 years ago.