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Worlds are in danger from a new threat. But Sora is busy with the old threat of Xehanort! It's up to a new Keyblade master, setting forth from the fanfic world of Sonic GeneX, to help protect these worlds from the forces of darkness...and chaos!
Auggie likes Hiei. He's more worried about an ingrown toenail.

Submitted for the Random Valentine on DeviantArt for user TBRae and her OC.
One-shot: A mysterious visitor comes to the tower and Gothel has to defend her flower from him and his strange device! For the FanArt Mashup Challenge on DeviantArt.
cici and coco on a trip
Garth and Lily take on the responsibilities of being true leaders of an Omega and Alpha pack. Lily is disgruntled with how Kate has been slacking in her motherhood obligations. Lily takes in charge showing Kate in how to be responsible in taking care of wolf pups. Kate and Humphrey are confused as to why Lily and Garth do not wish to spend more time around family. 
Please read carefully
Sonic must chase Eggman across the multiverse, teaming up with other Sonics to prevent Dr. Eggman from creating a master plan with a dream team of Robotniks. SatAM, AoSTH, Underground and Boom worlds all collide in this crossover made to celebrate 25 years of Sonic the Hedgehog!
A poem (and tale) of the fallen (plant leaves).
  Jim's mother only wishes the best for her son. But she should be careful what she wishes for. Jim's life will be all turned around later in the future. 
Jaden and the gang are back! The third year kicks off with a long time friend transferring to Duel Academy and joins the gang for another adventure. The wrath of Pharoah and Empress' enemy resurrected and comes back for revenge on Empress' Aqua Deck duelist. Will Jaden and the Gang put an end to this Soul Nightmare once and for all?
Time for the annual poetry challenge. :) Let's see if I last the whole month.
I'm calling poetry abstract art without color :D

this is a great place to post my Napo creations, with the chapter system and all. 
A young girl named Snowy Husky, who is a master thief and goes on an adventure to avenge her family's death with the help of her five friends. They learned the true meaning of friendship later on, she ends up in a relationship with the Cooper Gang member.
old story I am posting because it's related to an old picture I posted.
A special episode of Sonic GeneX-The Series acknowledging Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Features no actual Olympics.

Due to events in Sonic GeneX, Sonic is being hunted by GUN, and needs to sneak out of the country to get to the Olympics in Rio. While he heads through the Mushroom Kingdom to meet Team Mario, Mario & Luigi journey through Green Hill Zone in search of Sonic.

How do these heroes fare in each others' worlds? Let's find out...
This was my first NANOWRIMO - an attempt to write novel draft in  a month. It is rough in many ways, and I'm not sure I knew where I was going, but I still remember it fondly and would like to overhaul it someday. The idea began in my mind with images of a smoke-colored cat in rust-red autumn leaves, a snow white cat curled around a heart of shining cut glass in a palace tower, and the empty-eyed queen to whom the heart belonged...
Note: this is an invitation, and an adventure.
I dont' understand the submission process for writing. it's time I learned, 

500 char limit? see ch 1 for rest of description. 

---I've learned not to cute a past things into chapters here

invisible characters becoming visible after I post it make this illegible. somebody teach me how to correct that, ok?
Written for Jadis' prompt on the forum's Poetry Tag game. I liked how this one came out, and thought I would post it here, too.
Disclaimer: Flames and bashing will simply be used to heat up my fireplace 

Based on a prompt I saw on tumblr I just HAD to write this and first time I write 
Joshua Fireseed learns the truth of his Turok lineage and will bear the burden that comes with it.
'Tis a pirate story, young lads, told from the eyes of a lass with the mind upon adventure! Argh.

Please do not misuse my poem for any other outside purpose. I do not tolerate plagiarism.
An old toss-away poem I had written late last year. A civilian woman welcomes home her husband, a soldier fallen in battle.

Please do not misuse my poem for any other outside purpose. I do not tolerate plagiarism.
It is raining. It is wet. My brain rushes to begin a story about the rain. Simple.

A haiku (5-7-5) about the downpour of rain my eyes experienced this morning.

Please do not misuse my poem for any other outside purpose. I do not tolerate plagiarism.
Another sad story of a tragic patient.

Please do not misuse my poem for any other outside purpose. I do not tolerate plagiarism.

Based on the ARCADE fandom

Turbo spends some time with Marina and muses on her future.