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Remember, if you have any more questions, just leave a comment and I'll add it right away.

For questions about specific characters, stay tuned. Those FAQ's will be coming out soon.

Here''''s the written version of the picture I submitted. 83 A little preview for a story idea I''''m currently working on.
The Beauty Pop gang is in for a surprise when they hear the prom is quickly approaching!
Emma is the biggest fan when it comes to hair. braiding, curling, and something she''s determined to learn, cutting. So what''ll happen when Emma tries to get lessons from the schools beloved club of boys with fantastic grooming skills, Scissors Project?
So, the start of the new series. Based around Monday Night Combat. So, the template you can copy and you can check the FNA Lists to see the available spaces. I shall go over it, and then tell you if it''s list-worthy or not. So, enjoy.
A story about my Mario OC, Max..
this is just slightly a sneak peak to what my story is like with Shady and the whole gang

obviously from someone elses POV

for the original story i might not use this

NO RIVERCLAN OCs... sorry -w-
A Warriors fanfic about my OC, Silverstreak.

Couldn''t think of a decent title XD
story bout things changing and stuff like that i
thought bout this sort of stuff not long ago
and i wrote a little idk, like just a littl article or so bout it not to impress just to say somtin, u kno
Oh man, you''ve got''ve been seeing this one coming.XD

All characters belong to everyone who owns them.
This is the cast from my side of the world.XD

Template is property of Chaoscontroler1992.
When four strangers meet, their journey begins.
Deleted this, sorry.^^'''

Title says it all.
hey me again yes i messed up the first 50 times
but heres my story again ^^ a sly cooper story
plz enjoy and forgive me ^^" hehehe....
i messed up the first time but i got this now
this is a sly cooper fan story enjoy
This is a story about my pucca character kiki
not my sonic character
though you may recognize other interesting characters in the
story that aren't usually in anything i talk about ^^
hope you like it
Oh! and please do leave comments too ^^ enjoy ^^
I am justing doing a yaoi/shounen-ai story,becuz they are the best,and i have been wanting to make one for a while now XD lol,so,yah....this is gonna be my test/expreiment story,lol,but its still gonna be a story :3
.. still nothing
... i have nothing to say
i have a bad life!
a poem i wrote in a dark time of my heart
some times ting we think r behind us r really on our minds constantly!