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Only 108 characters. and 15 of them are OCs.
i thought this up this morning and got the urge to post it asap
I'm not very good at writing poems. But, I thought this was the best one I wrote. Enjoy.
After Shadow decided she'd had enough on her own planet, after the incident at the Prytchard Facility, she moved planets and got a job in an underground city.

Everything (c) me (Amy)
just a funky little story starring me (lol) going and captureing a shining eevee.
team rocket has been up to its old tricks again and created pokemon morphed with humans to create a new breed of trainer. this goes very wrong. Now the mewmorph Serena must do whatever is nessasry to stop this new threat to the pokemon world...
ok here is a spyro story im writing partly made from imagination partly made from dreams i keep having this was inspired by a dream i had also so yea enjoy  :D
Its a story that starts off at the end of kingdom hearts 2
and is basiclly about sora's heart being torn apart by light and dark. Pus anti-soraisms.I hope you enjoy and I apologize for all the spelling or grammer errors. ^__^
Well Christmas is comming but 4 those who dont celebrate it i wanted to do a haiku poem about Winter!!!!
plz coment!!!
Uh ohs. It's a lmae attempt at a Christmas From Hell edition! XD

Everything (c) me (Amy)
ok a story on jordan's life ok it will be bad i know so wat
What would happen if you didn't know your father or you mother and your grandparents are supposedly dead? This is the story of Alaphonse and Noel, grandchildren of the two most dangerous beings on earth, and Tidus, Alaphonse's demon half-brother.
Xana has switched the genders of the Lyoko gang. It's a quite pointless attack, but it annoys the Lyoko gang past the point of no return.
DD: Inspired by a drawing that Dana-sama saw.
First part of the two parter. 8D
(Not proof read)

Everything (c) me (Amy)
This is the second time I've attempted writing this story. But I finally managed it with some of my already existing characters!! (Apart from Mouse and Roofio and some other characters who're completely new. >.> )

Everything (c) me (Amy)
A bit of this and that about my Sonic OC's
Still ALOT more to come
Pretty much a story about how Shadow got her armour and met Spink and Virus. 8D
I apologise for my inability to write longer chapters. o.O

I really should write a story that isn't in first person. XD

Everything (c) me (Amy)
(Don't read the other 2, they broke) Just so you know, I am Hakuyasha, a female half-dragon, half-vampire. Snow is an imaginary catgirl with white ears and tail, white hair, and blue eyes. We both live in the factory and go to school at Kadic Academy.
Sequal to Forever Yours... Ark, Shadow's son, is 17 and falls in love... what will it take to win her heart?
Came up with this at 5am this morning, hence why it's a tad on the crap side. *twitch*
I like to write in first person, can you tell? XD
P.S: Sorry about any errors.  ^^;

All characters, locations etc (c) me (Amy)
*shrugs* Just a random weird fanfic. I might put two OCs belonging to other people in it if you ask nicely...
um........this is kinda random but this was one of my fave T.V shows as a kids so umm i dunno why im writin about it so um any way if 8u wanna be mentioned in it just say(even tho no-one will) and dont comment if u dont like it
When Team Rocket start trying to take over by creating Pokemorphs, who will stop them? A former Pokemorph, that's who! Chris belongs to CM Doujin ( and Kai, Haru, Kitty, and Tex all belong to me.
ok everyone sems to have a story of there digimon so i made one too
The story of a Pokemorph who was a Pokemon Ranger also. Her name was Hayate Houtori. Did she exist? Yes. Please, keep comments to a minimum. I prefer not knowing what others think of this story. If you really think I need to know, though...