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A poem (and tale) of the fallen (plant leaves).
Some poems I wrote inspired from the massive amounts of snow that have consumed the area where I live. Hope you enjoy.
Poem about Mother Nature. I'm no poet but, I hope you enjoy.
Telling of an experience of relaxing outside on a cool Summer day. (Note: this passage will/may be altered over time). (More experiences may or may not be add; for the time being this shall be labeled 'complete', unless said other wise). Enjoy.
The origins of Silver of Silver Way, and Risenbahn of the Hollow blade
Pre-BbS, twoshot. TerraXAquaXVen Friendship.

Who''''s to say that dreams and nightmares aren''''t as real as the here and now?
This a parody. Repeat after me. Pa. Ro. Dy. If it insults anyone, let me know. I''ll fix it.
More haiku's may be on the way.
Final part in my Space Bridge trilogy.

Transformers (c) Hasbro
Gundog (c) Direwolf505
Blue Falcon (c) countramsely
Roadtrain (c) Flankfire
Everything else (c) me
I''m crazy bored right now. So i decided to randomly come back and make a story
story bout things changing and stuff like that i
thought bout this sort of stuff not long ago
and i wrote a little idk, like just a littl article or so bout it not to impress just to say somtin, u kno
FINALLY decided to start on those OC bios........

bio template by Chaoscontroler1992 ^^
nothing to say
I'm working on one story at a time except Big because I loath him oh, so much.
This is following my own little universe, so it doesn''t tie in with any existing continuities.

Transformers (c) Hasbro
Gundog (c) Direwolf505 (FA)
Blue Falcon (c) countramsely (FA)
Roadtrain (c) Flankfire (FA)
Everything else (c) me (Amy)
just let me know if you want ur OC's in this story. Some OC's are not mine.
The Digital World is endangered yet again. Five of the original six warriors return, with a new human warrior and two new Digimon friends. But can they stand up to seven Demon Lords acting as servants to a great evil? Takumi from ch 2, OCxKouichi
A poem I made which is kinda like a story ^^. its about a nightly creature kinda like a vampire who experiences their first kill. What happens? Read to find out! XD
hey me again yes i messed up the first 50 times
but heres my story again ^^ a sly cooper story
plz enjoy and forgive me ^^" hehehe....
i messed up the first time but i got this now
this is a sly cooper fan story enjoy
Er..I'm going to post all of my poems here.. some aren't as good as others.. ^^;
This is a story about my pucca character kiki
not my sonic character
though you may recognize other interesting characters in the
story that aren't usually in anything i talk about ^^
hope you like it
Oh! and please do leave comments too ^^ enjoy ^^
...yes another poem lol 8P
My first ever Transformers fanfic and since the first part seemed to go down well, I decided to continue it into a full story.

Roadtrain (c) Flankfire (of FA)
Transformers (c) Hasbro
Everything else (c) me (Amy)