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Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever original creation; HADES, a dark fantasy/romance! In this ‘Yo Hades!’ section I’ll take you behind the scenes with notes on character profiles, background story and other stuff. Please enjoy ^^v

The Konoha High gang is looking forward to their upcoming Christmas Break,and when a group trip is proposed,everyone is excited.But once again there's drama occuring with love,friendships,new friends and possible rivals,and much more.
Sequel to Naruto: The Middle Ages! Three years have passed since Team 7 took their trip to the past, and a big day has arrived for Sakura and Sasuke. OneShot
The gang from Konoha High is back, and guess what? Homecoming is fast approaching! Join the Naruto characters as they struggle yet again with classes, grades, friends, enemies, and romance. Note: This is the sequel to Konoha High.
hee hee! su! after the safari park, i wanted ta doos somethin' similar! so i gots this one! hope ya like its and it;s funny!
and YAY!! mandi's in its, whooo!! about time she got a story.
While cleaning out her attic,Sakura finds a beautifully encrusted bracelet.It has the Konoha symbol designed with emeralds and it has an inscription on it:To my beautiful Cherry Blossom with love yourOnyx Knight.What happened when she put it on her wrist?
A highschool story. The Naruto characters go to Konoha High, a private school in the city of Konoha. They face all the highschool dramas: classes, grades, friends, enemies, and romance. Pairings to be revealed in later chapters.
This is a poem about palying tag when I was 12.
this is about a guy i have a major crush on...
Tee hee hee! Just a random idea I had, su!
P.S... Competition inside!
Silly little fic, inspired when I got a poetry book for my birthday. ^_^ Kagura writes poetry. None too good poetry, but meh. I may do other characters if you comment! *hinthint*
A poem about the guy i like.
After a string of coincidences, Tohru Honda finds herself at college, never having met the Sohmas. Who will she meet there? hmmm... *evil grin*
Kakashi, taken by surprise to another world filled with danger, was forced to help Tamriel activate a mysterious Index. Story contains mild violence, nothing else. :) Its a safe read.
If Tidus and Yuna had a son, what would he write about in his journal?
A poem about a sophmore who was killed by a drunk driver in our town. This is a true story.
I was fooling around on msn one day- this is the result (Including Dearly_beloved's comentary)

Alex is in love. He think the're the "One". Only one problem: his true love is hunk of cheese...And a certain someone is jealous....
The Matoran stories say Makuta was jealous of Mata Nui... But are the Matoran stories true? And did Takanuva really wake Mata Nui up deliberately, or was he just being an idiot?
Inspired by a comment on one of my other stories!
This is a story about a girl named Serena,who wonders what happened to her father,why her mother won't talk about him, and why she keeps having the same dream over and over again.Can she find the answers to these questions?To find out, read my story. Disclaimer: I don't own winx club
this is a peom i did in the summer(how it got its title)
What happens when The Weasley twins meet two mages that are just like them. read and find out. This is my first story, so please don't be mean.
It will have bad langue later on.
It's a poem about a dear friend and my Ex-bf
An extremly short tale of Strong Bad almost finding good in him.
A new student joins Miss Yukari's class, a boy by the name of Shinzo. He gets along great with Osaka and they become in love. You will see a serious and dramatic side of Osaka.
The rain had always soothed Yomi, but can it also help her sort out her feelings for the one she cares for most? YxT fluff