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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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I made this shortly after seeing a video on Youtube about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This is how the movie should have ended.
A story i started in 2006 and god knows when i'll finish it, i write it on microsoft word then type it on on here hope you like, please comment!
Amy xoxoxo
This is my mythical story i started it in 2006 god knows when i'll finish it cause i keep going back and editing lol anyhow please comment!...
i dont make this the ex girlfriend of my brother make this but its Dutch srry for the English people i gonna make a story English people
hey ik heb deze verhaal niet gemaak de ex-vriendin van mn broer heeft deze verhaal gemaak hoop dat je het leuk vind
8 facts about SuperMario-addicts (Note:This is not meant to be serious!)
8 Zeichen über SuperMario-Süchtige (Anmerkung:Es ist nicht ernst gemeint!)
It's just a little song-parody from a summer-hit in the 80s. And a homage to the 6th of June 2006 (also Murdoc's 40th b-day.) ;)
Please don't sue me and have fun on the sunny day! :)
Okay, the plot is from Fruits Basket so, this plot does not belong to me. Danny Phantom doesn't belong to me and neither does the Zodiac. A new girl moves in, but will new problems start? Or not?
this is a peom i did in the summer(how it got its title)
Well, you heard the title. Fuzzball96, all yours*coughfancharacterscough*.
Well, my character, Christy, is having a sleepover and she invites all of her friends.. Well, things don't turn out well. Read to find out!
this is a funny ToS fic that me and my best friend wrote on her birthday. it is completely insane and hilarious. enjoy. =^_^=
these are the diaries of Kai and Tala. *snicker* they are related to a fic that i am going to write (eventually) that basically follows the Beyblade anime series but with a few changes.
funny mysteries solved by none other than Sherlock Tyson!
this is a Dual fic that i just started writing. it basically follows the anime series but with some major differences. i put myself in it and i'm gonna have a mech and stuff and get to fight. this is the first fic i've posted so please read&comment.
hum nothing really to say
about a wolf and his pup