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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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A story I'm writing following the life of Sabrina Lore Evans. Young 16 year old moving in with her uncle and his family  to go to a richer, i mean better school. ((Ratings will change as the story goes on ))
I'mma just put all my random short stories here.
Just a poem I wrote a few minutes ago cause I felt crappy and had to get emotions out.
Last one shot i'm submitting today haha. Pairing is again RusAme.
Another one shot. Pairing RusAme, Super short.
Just a one shot. Pairing is AmeCan or America and Canada. or Alfred and Matthew.
Poetery/ Stories I worked on/am currently working on for creative writing. 

I hope you all enjoy!
In which the Homestuck characters are descendents of the Final Fantasy 7 heroes.
This got good reception on deviantART ( and Archive of Our Own (, so I figured I'd post it up here, too.
Hollow always knew he was different, but when he meets the royalty from the other islands,they all quickly learn that the wrath of the gods has fallen on them and its now up to them to save the islands.
This is too big for a blog in my opinion, plus people hardly read my blogs. But I want this to be heard.

No flames cause I dont smack you for your opinion do i?
Lol it took me three days to write this crap XD just a poem about your parents and the joys of growing up that no1 will read lol.
A poem about Sasuke. No it doesnt rhyme.
Inspired by a story by Lady_Nightmare; this is amusing ways to mess with the FF7 gang.
no its true. i rlly am bored a poo.
I am bored. five points for me right paula? coz i look great right?
um..... i dunno I''m kinda bored today so onto the internet my boredom goes i suppose lol
Some silly haiku.
:D hellooooooo i feel like making more poems cause i'm bored.
[The title probably won't stay] A story that me and my friend are making up, u'll have to read to figure out what it's about =]
What would you do when u have the world agents you? Well that's piratically how it is for Kortoro Misata, an orphan who hasn't even received her Guardian Spirit, and that makes other people wonder if she is even human her self....
Today, I shall write a story.
Yuki Sohma, as you all know, he's a kind person, but has trouble telling people whats on his mind. But when He meets Maya things seemed to change for the both of them. (Hope you read and tell me what you think about my story x])
this is the remake of my myth assignment.