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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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It''''s been 5 years since the Dark Lord has fallen. The war was heavy on many, especially heroes Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. But can a chance of fate once again mend their lives to how it used to be?
Deep in the ghost zone, lies a powerful crystal. It has the ability to increase, or give powers to any ghost that grasps it. Making the ghost invincible. If the crystal gets in the wrong hands, it will be chaos for both the ghost zone, and the world.
Well it's about.....READ IT! lolz
My cool FAC Family!^_^
I know this goes completely against my nature, but I'm gonna write a story that dosen't have Roxas:( *sobs*, Riku and Kairi.
This is based from the beginning - to the end, of The Lion King.(including when Sora comes to the pride lands)
After the adventure to 'The World That Never Was' things were a little more exciting with Roxas and I. But the fun would really start in the not to distant future when Sora and Sky would return...
This story is with Roxas and Me. Roxas, Hayner and the gang, have been best friends with me for years. Sora and Sky(Choii) are in this story as well. But I don't meet up with them until later...
*The Story begins on a sunny Twilight town day.
Sum: Kimiko (my OC), abandons her group. However she meets up with five new, cartoon "misfits". Can they work together and save Kimiko's friends' old worlds? Rated T for gore, language, and that stuff.
welllll......YOU HAV TO READ IT!!! k?
well, its about... read it and youll know...
well....there awesome songs that rock!!!!!
Here's a story i did to go with the pic enjoy :)
you have to read it! im not spoiling anything!
Ebony the 7th purple monkey. She was defective and separated from the rest, but she was fixed a week later. She uses her ability to morph to get from planet to planet. Along the way, she meets the hyper force.
Misty gets in an accident and loses her memory. Can Ash get it back or is this the new and permanent Misty? AAMR
After 10 years of seperation Misty is reunited with old friends. Will she stay friends or put a certain someone in the past and keep him there? AshxMisty
Ash and co.are spending the weekend in Cinnabar Island & meet a kid named Derek who sweeps Misty off her feet causing Ash to get jealous , But Derek isn't who he seems,can Ash convince Misty of the truth or is she going to have to see for her self?
Just a short story about an Earth Bending City and the war with the Fire Nation. It's about a year before Sokka and Katara find Aang.
based off of the Midnighters books Jess and the gang are trying to cope with living in a world coverd by the blue time....
It's Spring Break and Danny, Sam, and Tucker have met a girl named Katrina. Danny likes her but his friends have their own opinions. To them something strange is going on and Danny is the target. But after a while Tucker falls under the new girl's spell, leaving Sam all alone. Until Valerie joins her.
Read to find out more.
Jsut some short storys about when Danny and the gang were itsy bitsy!
Maddie and Jack finly catch Danny Phantom... Its from Maddies point of vew and second ch is the same just with a song....
This is Chris Fenton's poem about her and her dad, Danny. Please Read! It's short and sweet!
24 years into the future, Chris Fenton lives with her mom. She finds things out about her familys past. But will it be good for her to know, or bad?
16 year old Danny Fenton is moving away from Amity Park. Read to find out what happens to him on his moving day and between him and Sam Manson.
Please Read!

It is now completed! There might even be a sequal...