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I tried writing a song, it's my best try yet. c:
It's supposed to be about how Ryou Bakura (from Yu-Gi-Oh!) feels after his yami is killed, but you can read it without any familarity with the Yu-Gi-Oh! series (I think).
I just thought this up. JUST THOUGHT THIS UP.

Klonoa (along with the other characters from the games) © Namco-Bandai
Ayeka has been having the same weird dream for the past month. But what happens when the dream isn't a dream at all? Who is this mysterious woman that haunts Ayeka's nightmare? I'm having trouble with the "" not showing
Chiyo has an painful past, Alaia has an unforgivable secret, can their friend Sparrow help them through their past? Or will Chiyo and Alaia go their separate ways?
When her mother died and Cream didn't want to become a servant to Finitevus. In her conclusion, she decided to go the place that will change her destination forever.
Two friends forced to separate from each other when they were young...12 years later she returns, he remembers her but does she remember him? Can they defeat the demons before they defeat them? Kisshu x Ichigo, slight Pai x Lettuce and Taruto x Pudding
Kisshu is forced to take care of his little devil niece, Selena, for one whole day. When she runs away, Kisshu begs help to Ichigo. Will the two be able to take care of the six year old girl and get out of it alive?
Another Sonic fanfic from DA.
Darkness is coming and only an ancient prophecy can save everyone.
(Barley update this now but I'll try to soon)
The back-story to a Bleach fan-character of mine. Yes, she becomes a Shinigami, and yes, she remembers Samuel and the happenings. To an extent.

Bleach (C) Kubo Tite

Characters/Story (C) GreenieFire
This is my first attempt at a fan-fiction and I don't consider myself a good writer so help me by giving me constructive critsism please >.<
I really hope you all will enjoy reading it ^^
its my first story!
Found: One female grey wolf. Young adult.Silver pelt and blue eyes.
This is a FanFic.
What happens when the boys get on Binka's nerves one to meny times? Is there more to the gypsy then meets the eye? Read to find out.
waking up, Naruto reaveals to Kiba….his most embarrassing secret..getting Kiba’s help he finds what he is.. (gay,Straight, or bi)
Summary: A member of the Straw Hat pirates is suddenly sick, and not just with a cold. The said crew member's illness is unknown and their life hangs on end. Can they save their nakama?Or will they all have to see another loved one die?
First fan fic ever! =O

Nintendo stuff (c) Nintendo
Shelly, Lee, Kev, Bau, Karmella (c) me
My fan fic for Maximum Ride. I think it is good, I'v been working on it for awhile now.
Here is where you will read the descriptions of the characters in my Yugioh fanfic Jini!X3
My first fan-fic. Hope you enjoy it.
Re-did from also Grim makes a portal to Zim's world, as Billy gets into it...choas starts! Will be a squeal. R&R AND NO FLAMES!!! Shouldn't be long.
alil something i thought of
Blik gets attacked by goo, making him deadly sick? Will the help of his friends stop this? R&R, NO FLAMES!!!
A re-made story I did on FF.Net. Otto Rocket goes into the Avatar world and meets a certain girl he likes. COUPLES INSIDE! NO FLAMES AND PLEAZ REVIEW!!!
A funny Despafic by my friend and I. The idea came from a silly thought of if the boys visited the Finnish amusement park Linnanmäki. Note that Mukuro is me and Banana-sama is my friend and that the shounen-ai content in this fic is very mild.
THIS IS YAOI! royed. please comment, its my first one on fma, and i wanna know how i did.