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Hayner's sister comes to live with them.
She's his twin and her name is Haylen which means 'Love Finder' to their mom.While she's there will she find love for to people?
This is what happens when me and dezzie r playing DDR, when I have read TOO many SeiferXHayner Fics, and when boredom strikes!=D
Somefin' that I thought of while I was bored and playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.^^'
Just all of my OC's (Now much more current)
Tiz a list of commandments me and Wolfeh came up with! I thought they were funny and she got the idea to put them here! Enjoy!
This is a place where I will put all of my ideas for my manga. You can tell me how crazy they are if you'd like.
Just some poems write don't judge them by name!! Read plz! and comment!!
A cute fic dedicated to my friends and Rent!
A small series of tragedies and love stories, each with a Rent song involved!
ME: Life with my umbreon... XD
Umbreon: AHEM!?!
ME: Um... Life with my master, and how it all started.  *grins nervously*
A dragon pokemon loses her memory and lives with a delcatty pack, eventually being exiled, and learning that her silver/gold coloring is a sign that she is cursed, but she pushes on knowing she will be miserable, with the hope that she can help others.
This story is about Me,Naera,Goth,And Griffin.

Hope you like it!!!!
Yea me was bored and I kinda dreamed it!XD
This is a story about shade and goth going on a little trip.

will they get along or will they beat each other up?

The story will have long pages,also include your fav chracters from silverwing.
Goth the vampyrum is facing a deadly enemy and his name is Freddy Kruger.

Who will win?

Comment please.
This is dedicated to all of those shippings out there. More details in the first chapter.
Nasha was a new student at Cadic, and things weren't going so good. Then she met Jeremie and the gang. Now she has friends, and a secret love. But in order for her to tell her feelings, she'll have to let go of the past.
I don't own Code Lyoko.
I arrive at Kadic, not really knowing why I'm here. This boy won't stop trying to be my friend. But ever since I lost her, I don't want any more friends. Please, anything but that. .:Vienna:.
Title says it all.
Some are by me, some aren't. They are labeled so.
[the songs that are not written by me: the lyrics are copy-and-pasted; the swearing isn't me ^^]
Here, this works! This is just an area for my friends and I to RP so that next time the profiles go down we have somewhere to go!
(But when they're up again, we'll go back to profiles.
This is a story for Sofy-san for three reasons.
1) She entered my contest
2) She's gonna be in my story
3) I woulda done it anyway!
A short story about Love, Lies, and Murderers
Stupid quotes from family, friends, myself, manga, anime and movies!
Ha! I have a title! And it's in German! My friend's OC's Kay and Cat will be in this! So will some others if I'm lucky.
I'm doin this for Konohasdarkshadow.....yes Jamal will be in this.......and it will be good
this is some random story i felt like writing. and OMG! it's complete! it was fun to do. this is pretty much how i rp with my friends. david and matt are my new characters i already drew them. well i hope you guys enjoy this story ^___^