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Somthing i found on my computer, no clue who what when where why or how about it.
somthing i did in my spare time
For kikyoXInu fans and KagXInu fans
please read it
Its a school kinda story
who loves and who looses love
Well it's sorta crappy, but it tells bout K.O's past
A continuation to Buried Secrets. Kodi vows to never love again...but the new addition to the dog team may make him break his vow.
How would the story of Jak and Daxter had changed if there was another character, Samos’ youngest daughter, Tera, involved in the plot? Would there be a lot of differences, or would nothing change at all? Shall we find out?
When ones past is filled with tragedies, it's often difficult to find your meaning in life. Now that Kali has found it, will her companion become more, or will destiny continue to be cruel to her? OC FOCUS!
The Faeriestone is a jewel of unimaginable power, given to the royal family of Gaia to protect. When the stone is stolen, one faerie warrior follows the thief... OC/Rei, OC/OC pairings, DON’T LIKE DON’T READ!
Feeling sad and unwanted after the birth of her younger sister, a ten year old Cassandra finds solace only in her dreams; dreams of a magical realm far from her own. Dreams of a Fae...
Somthin i wrote a while ago to vent anger
Its a song...i guess...i dunno, its a poem that could be....idk screw it just screw it -.-
Just somthing i wrote when i wasnt in a good mood lets say. if you read it and go WTF? then dont feel bad cause i can gaurentee i will be saying the same thing tomorrow
Balto at the end.
A poem for that special someone in your life
This is actually a good story! please read it!
Some poems I've done in my spare time
Yuuko asks Watanuki to deliver a bracelet to his least favorite person. Will he finally realize what's seemed so obvious to everyone else? Or is Yuuko just wasting her time? (WatanukiXDoumeki)
The biggest poem i have ever written.
And if your gonna go out, go out with a bang.
Days spent- 5, total pages- 8
Requested by my friend Kratosgirl14. Sam Masters is the new student that moved in from Wisconsin. After transfering to Casper High, weird things start to happen to her, and it even starts affects Danny!
Ryuu is moving up in the dueling world, on his way to the famous Duel Academy. But now, as great evil's plans are finally revealing, can Ryuu figure out the connection between his mysterious dreams and his role in this dark plot?
2 years ago in Ammiity Ville, Mike Robin was cursed with ghostly abilities in a fatal accident that changed his life forever. 2 years later, He's back for revenge, and he's not letting anyone in his way!
When Freakshow opens a portal to an alternate dimension where EVERYTHING is different, Danny will need the help of his female counter part, Emily Entity. But can the combined might of Emily Entity and Danny Phantom stop FreakShow's plan?
Ok, this is a description of my original charas, the Ring Team! ^___^ Excuse me for all the grammatical errors (and horrors), but I’m not English! ^.^;
A poem I wrote after a nap I had today.
This story is about Sesshomaru and all the things we want to know about him. His childhood, Mom, relationship with Dad his sex life and life in general.