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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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[Republic Commando, post Hard Contact] The clone commandos contemplates the simple things as Omega Squad prepares for their next mission onboard a luxury liner.
Yuuko asks Watanuki to deliver a bracelet to his least favorite person. Will he finally realize what's seemed so obvious to everyone else? Or is Yuuko just wasting her time? (WatanukiXDoumeki)
This is a story told by my Gelert Gregory_pup2. You can read it, if you can bear pain and sadness. Go ahead. No one's stopping you. But then, if you prefer, you can go read someone else's happy-all-the-time story. Gregory really doesn't care.
The story of how I (being Arpeggio) lived after Sly turned matters to Clock-La and after the horrid beating I took! A must for any real Sly Cooper fan! Enjoy!
After stealing the Rose Orb, Brendan finds himself in quite a situation. Now he must save himself and his friends from Team Aqua. Who are they? and why exactly do they want this Orb?
I had the strangest urge to use the word "generic", while writing a story. its not really a story, its more like dialogue. Whatever. Read it, and you will regret wasting your time. o.o
(One shot) Fuu and Jin share a short, but meaningful
conversation. Fuu decides that even a simple response can sometimes mean a lot.
. . .
This is more of a poetic short story than anything. Meh, don't think too much of it cuz I worte it quickly in a canadian tire parking lot while I waited for my dad!
So as you might have guessd if you've been to my website, Dusk Hunter is my internet avatar (for the most part). This is a poem I wrote when the idea of "Dusk Hunter" first came to me, 4 years ago in grade eight.
I like to philosophize in my spare time, and this is the longest one I wrote. It's a little deep, so if you don't get it at first don't worry, I've had to explain it to just about everyone who's read it.
Something has been irritating Zoro. What irritates him more is that he can't figure out what it is. And as if he's not having enough trouble, Luffy is just making things worse. (ZoroxLuffy)
This is a fan fiction that I'm working on. It's about a two friends (based on me and a friend) who stumble upon a time travel device blah blah blah, and basicaly wreak havoc. I'm a SLOOOOOOW story writer, so once you've read this boring first part do
I'm Squall. I have been instructed to dicate a battle we had in the bowels of Garden against a group of Dragons. Its full of pain and danger which I'm sure thrills some of you. I couldn't care less. -/_-
What I would write if I put a letter in a time capsule (if you don't know what a time capsule is...well...look it up lol)
My idea on what is the humans race weakness. Something i think we as a race deny more than anything.
Yo, i'm Zell, champion marial artist of Garden! I'm telling you the story of when my team and I had to save the Garden from an invader! Watchout!
Hi, I'm Selphie. I'm telling you the story of when my friends and I fought a scary monster in the basement of Garden!
Myself and a bunch of my friends take our Elite out trick-or-treating! What antics await hmn??????
There is a new Sailor Soldier in town, and a new plot to steal the energy of the Earth. The first chapter is short and kinda sucks because I wrote it ages ago, but starting chapter 2 it gains real credibility and depth unfolding an epic story about
One shot. Shikamaru tells about his odd conversations with Sasuke. Hints of one-sided SasuNaru.
Sakura arranges for Hinata to go out for ramen with Naruto. Does it count as a date? Yay, I'm finally writing a NaruHina fic!!
(One Shot, I think...) Pretty much just Sasuke's thoughts on Naruto. Hints of one-sided shonen ai.
It's my very first fanfic!! It's about the game Legend of Mana. I used the female main character, and it's alot like the game, but better, 'cause it's the way I like it. ^_^