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Disclaimer: I don't own nor claim Saint Seiya. That goes to it's owner(s). I only own the goddess, the AU idea, the island and city, and a few of the characters. The Characters that I don't own belong to their owners which will be credit. And anything else that I don't own, belongs to their rightful owners.

Idea, Island, Senka, Alex, Mist, Albel, Kai, Seth, Ace © SalyaDarken
Will give the right character and designs credits. 

Will update as I as add more to the idea. =3
It a fanfiction that I'm making and it about bladers save the world from evil.
It a love story of Victoria and Tsubasa and I hope you guys enjoy and it from Beyblade Metal Fusion and Metal Masters.
It about two crossover between a InuYasha character and a Yu-Gi-Oh GX Character being in love for each other and how they meet.
It about three of my oc from Yu-Gi-Oh, GX, and 5D''''s.
It a love story about Zane and Victoria fall in love.

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever original creation; HADES, a dark fantasy/romance! In this ‘Yo Hades!’ section I’ll take you behind the scenes with notes on character profiles, background story and other stuff. Please enjoy ^^v

This is a breif extract from a Role Playing community that I am a member of. It's basically a follow on from the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie. Cloud Strife is once again in the driver seat of Avalanche in an attempt to save the world from the threat of ShinRa and destruction. This time he has new allies... and old enemies...
This is a profile for my, most possibly strongest, character. His name is RogaN. Please enjoy.
sort of a short poem/song I made up when I saw a video of a people jumping out of the towers when the Airplane hit on 911

In memory of everyone one who died when they were either burried in ruble, disinigrated in the plane, or jumped from the b
A list or pronunciations of the names of the characters and places for "Arasya." Please forgive me if the way I wrote the pronunciation doesn't make much sense, but this is my first pronunciation guide, so I gave examples of how the words sound.
ok this is a story me and my friend Taylor worked on together read the Prologue to find out what this story is about
The Teen Titans find a mysterious visitor in the outskirts of Jump City. Will they discover who he is and what power he possesses?(after BIRTHMARK)
I got this stuff from different sources, and damned if each one said a different birthstone. I didn't feel like looking them all up, so make do.
A quiz to determine what you really know about FLCL. 31 questions.
When I read this part of Kare Kano I freaking CRIED. This should be made into an anime of it's own, seriously.
Why do most Dragonball and DBZ characters have such weird names?...
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.
Two young girls get taken to a magical place where they have to take on the roles of their other selves. But what really awaits them in this land called Arasya? The story you've all been waiting for! Read and tell me if I should continue!
WARNING: you must have seen the movie American History X, if you having do not read if you go ahead and read you will be completely LOST!!!